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Comments are an important part of this blog, so please be civil to each other. I welcome discussion and thus new comments are published immediately, however, I'll moderate comments for my older posts because these typically attract spammers (sorry spammers).

Unfortunately, Blogspot doesn't offer fancy buttons to polish your comments. Therefore I've added some tricks to add links, images and videos after all. Beware, it's kinda nerdy. Consider it a challenge!


You can link in comments by using the <a href> html tag.

    <a href="">TEXT</a>

Replace with the address to link to and replace TEXT with the text that will be clickable to go to that link.


    You can find my characters <a href="">here</a>.

Will look like:

    You can find my characters here.


You can post images in comments by using the [img] CSS tag.


Replace LINK with an image link. You can recognize the link by its ending of a picture file format, such as .png or .jpg. You cannot upload images directly from your computer; they have to be available online.

Important: do not use images wider than 600 px, the approximate width of the comments on this blog. Images show up in their original size. I might remove larger images if they clutter up the sidebar of the blog.



Will look like:


For videos, simply post the link of the video in the comment box. You can find the video link on YouTube if you click on Share.

Important: videos from other platforms than YouTube are not supported.


Will look like:

Good luck!

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