Mass Effect

Lupine Shepard
Human pure adept

Lupine was born on the colony of Mindoir, where she was saved by the Alliance when slavers attacked the planet and murdered her whole family. It felt only natural to her to join the Alliance to find something to live for. During a mission on Akuze, she was the sole survivor as her team was surprised by thresher maws. These survival skills, combined with her N7 status and a talent to lead, caused her to be chosen as the first human spectre.

 Mass Effect 1
  • Picked up both Garrus and Wrex   
  • Saved Kaidan, lost Ashley on Virmire
  • Captain Kirrahe and the STG survived Virmire
  • Wrex survived Virmire
  • Saved the Council
  • Romanced Kaidan (accidentally)
  • No sex
Mass Effect 2
  • Awoke Grunt
  • Killed Morinth 
  • Destroyed Collector base
  • Rescued crew and kept all companions alive
  • Rewrote Geth data
  • No romance

Mass Effect 3
  • Saved Jondum Bau
  • Cured genophage
  • Captain Kirrahe lives
  • Established peace between Geth and Quarians
  • Romanced Liara (intentionally)

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