Thursday, 14 June 2012

SWTOR: Overly attached companion

For those of you for which the title doesn't ring a bell: you might want to check out Reddit (warning: high risk on addictive side-effects). Anyway, perhaps I really have too much imagination, but I nearly got a heart attack when I saw Qyzen grinning at me like this!

I'm not overly fond of Qyzen and usually refer to him as my 'green monster'. He just keeps on talking about points and kills... it was fun at first, but he soon started to bore me to death. When finishing the Tython storyline on my jedi consular (soon-to-be shadow) Delanee, Qyzen suddenly became overly attached:

"I will follow, Herald. Wherever needed. Scorekeeper has shown path: to serve her Herald."

At this point, I always get a strong urge to say "No, thanks!", but no, all I get to choose between is:
  • You do me honor, Qyzen.
  • Then, thank you.
  • I like the sound of this.

... and it always ends the same, with me running around with a green monster troddling behind me. Sigh.


  1. I'll trade your Qyzen for my Kaliyo. I was so glad to have a new companion when I got to my second one.

    1. I googled Kaliyo, but... no thanks! :P

      I can imagine how that must get you depressed for the first 20 levels!

  2. I remember being a bit creeped out by my Sith Inquisitor's companion... as basically he wanted to kill her the whole time. I'd rather he had just shut up. And of course the way I wanted to play a bad guy who sorta toes the good line, the companion didn't approve of anything I did.

    And then I remember my Jedi Guardian's? companion (this is all me trying to recall from beta), an R2-like one. He was entirely too happy and eager, like a dog. I'm more of a cat person. ^^

    1. Err, yeah that's not very positive either. The R2-like one is overly cute (I got it on my sentinel). You're so right, he's so much like a dog! The overactive labrador type, that is. I like both dogs and cats, but he can be a bit too enthusiastic at times, I suppose. ^^


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