Friday, 6 July 2012

SWTOR: Orokeets in the desert

Look at me, I found a bird to match with my new Columni robe! Don't we look great together? I promise I won't ditch it if I find a differently tinted robe in the future, honest!

So after the successful Operation I wrote about yesterday, we went hunting some holocrons and matrix cubes with those that stayed. On Tatooine, someone miraculously pulled five eggs out his bag, and asked if we would like one. Of course we did!

So now our journey began. We searched for a water tower in Archorhead to get refreshed by some water (a buff called "Refreshed and Sustained") that would protect us from the strong desert sun. Then we traveled to the furthest reach of the known desert, in the far west of the planet. You had to take your egg with you under a construction of solar cells to make it hatch, and then quickly run away from it so you wouldn't burn yourself. And then we all had our sweet little green orokeets!

Want an orokeet as well?

I'm really a hypocritical girl in the sense that I don't enjoy looking up cheats and locations on the internet myself if I haven't done something before, but I'm fine with it if others do so for me, as long as it gives me the feeling I've discovered it in-game with friends. The best feeling is of course if you literally walk around and discover something by accident, but it's near impossible to get all achievements of Star Wars done without spending a lot of time being bored and running around in vain. For me, that would take a lifetime.

I can't tell you myself where to get the egg since it was a gift, but if you're not such a hypocrite as I: here's a good Orokeet pet guide at STWOR Spy.

You can also watch a video tour here:

Good luck!


  1. OMG, Ravanel, SO cute!

    You should totally post one of these pix in our "World Today" section.

    Actually, I forget what they're called, but Trilby has a bunch of pet "birds" in SL also. It'd be great to compare them! :)

    1. Ohh, could I? That would be awesome! I never saw pets from SL before, now I'm really wondering what they look like.

  2. Oh mah gosh, very cute!


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