Monday, 5 November 2012

SWTOR: On customer service and Opses

Since my last report on not being able to subscribe to SWTOR, we managed to get it working after all and I have been raiding with my guild again a bit, hurray!

Customer service

After not getting any answers on e-mails for about two weeks, the trick seemed to be to call the customer service directly. I was actually surprised how easy this was. We could call for free using Google (also possible through Skype) and the issue was resolved within half an hour. We only had to wait for a few minutes, got directed to another person once and both our accounts were fixed within a matter of minutes. Next time something happens, we won't bother with the e-mail and call right away.

Healing in Explosive Conflict

In between the studying and exploring Rohan in LotRO, I've had the chance to raid several times with my guild in SWTOR the past weeks. The only thing we did in that game, was actually running Opses (err, 1 Ops, 2 Opses?). We once did the first three bosses of the new raid, Terror from Beyond (picture above), and that was really cool, but most times we've been doing EC Hardmode. The most fun were the second bosses (the giant turrets), when I was explained how to run around on the floor, removing bad effects on myself now and then, healing left and right while avoiding scary places on the floor. The other healer had been trying the same for the past week, and was totally fed up with trying. We wiped a few times, but I was so happy (and a little bit proud) that we pulled it off afterwards! I've now healed both left and right turret (which is actually different for a healer) - the left one was definitely the most challenging, but both sides are fun.

There are quite some people who play healers as their main in MMOs. Some even write whole blogs about it. I was just thinking about it, and although my heart lies in support roles, healing is not my main delight in life. In LotRO, I'll play lore-master and captain as mains this expansion. I really much like healing on rune-keeper, but minstrels are much more in demand in raids. Poor Ravalinde will have to live with being leveled as third. In SWTOR, there is no other support role apart from healing (you can either pick "tank", "DPS or  "healer" as role), so my choice was quickly made. I only have one level capped character, and that is my Jedi Sage Ravanel. I think healing there makes up a bit for not being able to heal in groups in LotRO for a while.

I learned something new in today's raid. Sometimes, if you don't retreat after a wipe and people come back to revive you, you might not show up on their monitor: you're simply invisible. This is a very common bug. The solution is to right-click the person who is trying to revive you and select "Follow". Unfortunately, you have to wait longer before accepting an in-combat rez if you've been revived before the fight. If it's a hard fight in which it's likely that people will die, it's better to all retreat and travel that annoyingly long path to the last boss.

So far the healer-talk for today.

The times I was in EC HM, we completed everything apart from the last boss. Tonight we came very close. Tomorrow there's another ops planned, so hopefully I can be in the group again. It would be so cool if we'd make it! And after that hopefully Terror from Beyond. Good times.


  1. I don't know how they say it in your guild, but it would be "1 Op, 2 Ops" in normal abbreviated American (from 1 operation and 2 operations). :)

    Glad to hear that your subscription issue was resolved.

    1. Everyone in my guild just says "raid". :P

      I already thought "Opses" sounded too stupid to be true, but why do I hear everyone talk about "Ops" as if it's singular form? This is too much for my blonde brain! I'll just stick to actually playing them. :)

    2. Hehe. I have been chuckling about that one for days. Of course, Rowan is right on. What a good fake word... Opses. Opses. Opses. Sneaky little hobbitses and their opses... they stole it from us my preciouss....

  2. Your screenshots are always so gorgeous! Also tucking the info nugget to call, not email away. I'm hoping to try SWTOR when it goes free to play and see how I like it!

  3. Awwws, thank you! I hope you won't need the customer service tip (luckily the odds are against it: I've been playing since January now, and this was the first time I had to call), and I hope you'll post some of your future F2P adventures on Image Heavy - I'll follow it closely. ;D

  4. I hadn't realised you could call companies in that manner.. would this sort of thing work for Lotro as well? I've always wondered what I'd have to do given I'm no longer in the US and international calls are pricey.

    I'm looking forward to F2P. I'm hoping my boyfriend and I can at least see the game. We have some lvl 15 toons waiting for us. :P

    1. To be honest, I had no idea either! We were just so desperate that we didn't get any responses that we decided to call to the US... and then we found you could actually do it for free. I have no idea if they have something implemented like this for LotRO as well. I thought it was really smart of SWTOR to do it this way. A little bit of light in the MMO customer service hell.


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