Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SWTOR: Oops, I did it again

Remember how I, not so long ago, created vanguard Xialin just for the White Scalene armour? Well, I did it again.

The new Cartel packs drop some lovely stuff, of which I instantly liked the Genteel top. The only downside was that it has a light green shirt underneath the beautiful white clothing, which doesn't fit every character. It would've been better without that light green. Ah well, I thought, I don't have a character that would wear it and I'm not going to spend any money on those packs anyway.

But then Tiger came and said he got a Genteel top from a pack. He wasn't going to use it himself: if I wanted it. And of course, I couldn't say no. A few hours later, Fárah was born.

And that's right, Fárah is a sith sorcerer! I felt the top would really fit a caster, and I already had two consulars. Besides, Tiger keeps asking me to come play lowbie on Imp side, and I didn't have a suitable character for that. I also wanted her to be a Mirialan to fit with the light green part of the top, so I had to buy the race unlock for that (luckily there was one on the GTN). I surely know how to get rid of my money this way!

I also choose to wear trousers instead of the long skirt that came with the set. Tiger hates it, but I think it looks cool, a bit less 'sagey'. Better fitting for a sith sorcerer.

Since I'm a saint, Fárah was supposed to be a 'good' sith. A Mirialan born in captivity, discovered by the sith for her force sensitivity and therefore sadly enough ending up on the wrong side. However, there is no true 'good side' option for many of the quests, and Fárah has to do some creepy things now and then.

Getting electrocuted and actually liking it, seems pretty creepy to me.

I skipped all the quests on Korriban and Dromund Kaas involving killing or otherwise harassing slaves, as that would be hypocritical. I leveled fast enough by playing warzones anyway, and especially so with the double XP weekends. I'm already level 33 now, so I think I'll leave most Imp quests (which I haven't one on any character so far) for Yuniper and Shyala to discover. However, I'll need to do some (together with a Social Point slave) to get to Social II for the Slave Girl gloves and sandals, which I think would look great with this set. For the belt I'm not sure if I want to use the one of the Genteel set, or if I want the Voss reputation one (for which I'll need to get Champion with the Voss first).

Outfitting characters - will it ever end?


  1. Unfortunately it never does. On the other hand I suffer from severe altitis. So I am not the best one to make any claims about it as anything is pretty much an excuse to make a new alt. For instance... "Wait. We have a race now that is a werechicken? And that can use sword-chucks? Must make an alt!"

    Yeah.... It is that bad... >_<

    ~ Rakuno

    1. Hahaha. I usually don't suffer from altitis myself, typically having only one character at level cap, and caring much about my toons' character, having a much lesser 'butterfly effect' than many around me. I might make different low level alts to do flashpoints or for cosmetic reasons, but I barely get them up to high level - do you?

      PS Werechicken, which game, I want one! :P
      PPS If there is any game with weresheep, keep me informed.

    2. Much to my shame, I don't. But I think it is more of a question of me having ADD (recognized by a doctor, by the way) than anything else. Without trying to turn this into a blog post size comment, my guess for that is because I have friends who tend to have almost as much, if not the same amount of, characters than I do and they tend to have multiple level-capped characters. While I usually have only one or two. And they play less than me too!

      ~ Rakuno

      P.S.: I don't know. But I will keep an eye.
      P.P.S.: No idea either but I will keep an eye for it too.
      P.P.P.S.: I do know a game where you can play a werediggle called Dungeons of Dredmor. Diggles are like cute mole monsters that have a drill instead of a snout. The game also allows you to play as a tourist, mathemagician and other things. Well, they are actual skills if you want to get technical so you can pick any of those and mix with other skills or mix them together. In fact, I just did it just before writing this comment to make sure I was getting the names right.

    3. ADD, I had to look that one up... I guess I might have one thing in common with that: being very chaotic (and hating to clean up my house, hehe). But in the end, I think it's just a different approach to gaming. I found that I enjoy the road more than the goal as a general rule (and especially so in SWTOR, with it's superb story). The road being the storyline, exploring, playing together with friends etc; the goal being hitting the level cap. Many people really aim for hitting that cap with their character, but afterwards they often shelve their character and switch to the next alt. I have the feeling I want to procrastinate that shelving as long as possible. :P

      P.S.: Diggles sound amazing too. Do you play that game?

    4. ADD would be Attention Deficit Disorder unless I am getting my english wrong. :)

      True. For me it has always been about the journey too. Reaching level cap being just another consequence of it. Although I did get a bit of mixed feelings about it once I reached level cap in Everquest 2 (first time I did in any game!) and then saw all the dungeons and places I could go with my friends. Then how much it sucked if I was in the mood to play a different class but they didn't have the level for it.

      P.S.: Yes, I do play it on occasion. It is a single-player game though. A rogue-like, not sure if you heard about it? If not, here is the gist of rogue-likes: they are dungeon crawlers with relatively simple game mechanics. They are pretty hard but fair (in that it is easy to learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them if you careful). Dungeons of Dredmor stands out in this sub-genre for its graphics and sense of humor. :)


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