Thursday, 14 March 2013

SWTOR: Zorn & Toth (Nightmare mode)

 TfB - I keep expecting the Cardassians to pop out behind me

After we killed the last boss of Terror from Beyond (TfB) Hard mode, my fellow guild mates had an enthusiastic idea. When we went into Explosive Conflict (EC) Nightmare mode a few minutes later, I really thought it would be like this (hilarious video by Shintar)... but I was wrong! Our third try, we actually got Zorn and Toth down but wiped afterwards, and at that point we got so close that we knew we could do it. I think we made it the fifth time, me of course dying just at the end, so they had to do the final boss with just one healer. It has to stay Nightmare mode, eh? To reward me for messing up so it stayed a challenge, I even got the Dreadguard earpiece that dropped.

The following days, my guild did the second and third boss on Nightmare mode, while I was ill and jealously watched over Tiger's shoulder. Luckily we did manage to do the third boss some months ago already with me healing. Just wanted to say I'm proud of my guild mates, yay!

Me providing the 'nightmare mode part' while my guild mates are being heroes

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