Friday, 5 July 2013

ABC8: Meditational trip

Dear diary,

As I told you yesterday, I will go off for a few weeks. Mostly to meditate in the woods (singing to trees and such) and perhaps to visit some archaeological sites (but not Haudh Iarchith, I've had enough of that place, depicted to the right), you know the drill.

I need some time to think about my life, so I will be silent here for a while.

Enjoy your rest, I will be back!



  1. OMG you're really good at this disappearing thing! Hope you're doing ok!

    Still inspired by NBI, I've had a new idea! We've launched:

    as a place where Avatar Bloggers from any world can ask & answer any questions about blogging, share ideas, etc.

    I hope you'll come visit when you're back in cyberspace!


    1. Hi Van,

      Don't worry, disappearing is only temporarily. Had a nice holiday and now I've gathered some more courage to blog about whatever I feel like.

      Good initiative, the Avatar blogger info page. Saw some interesting discussions over there. Might pop up there myself some day to ask some questions. First I need to clean up my own blog a bit, though!



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