Friday, 24 January 2014

LOTRO: The beauty of simbelmynë

Contrary to the feeling you might have gotten when reading the latest post on the topic, I'm not totally done with LotRO. Yet.

Actually, I have been enjoying some Rohan exploration lately. After months without login in, I just felt that LotRO feeling itching again. Surprisingly, when I asked Tiger if he would mind me starting the new content on my own, he offered to explore it together with me. Surprisingly, because he seemed to be pretty busy impersonating a dark thundercloud every time someone mentioned the word "LotRO" before. Maybe he was now carefully getting over that. Or maybe he just doesn't want to unleash me unattended in-game. Either way, I blackmailed him into promising me not to become gloomy, naturally.

Aaaaanyway, this seems like a good moment for a beautiful screenshot.

"Oohhhh! Ahhhhh!"

We both bought the Helm's Deep expansion with Turbine Points. Luckily I was able to afford it, I think I had about 2000 left (of which I immediately spent half on extra storage space). Tiger logged in and found that he had like... 10.000 TP left or something? So if you need any, you don't need to beg me for them... (Okay, I'm so going to die now.)

The epic quest made us ride directly to Edoras and I was all like "Ohhhhh! Ahhh!" when I saw it from afar. I had to stop to make a screenshot.

Before we entered the city we came through the burial mounts of the kings of Rohan and I thought it was very impressive. I just had to jump into my princess dress and take a 'selfie' amid the simbelmynë.

Geesh, Rav, you're such an attention seeker.

Selfie with simbelmynë


  1. Beautiful pics - make me nostalgic for lotro :) not even been to Rohan yet.
    I do like how your blog template rounds images btw, pretty neat!

    1. I'm glad you like them (and sorry for the nostalgia trigger)! I'm pretty impressed you notice the rounded corners. I remember finding a code for it somewhere on the internet and trying out what values I wanted for it, and then I had to figure out on what parts to paste them. Coding really isn't my hobby, but I'm glad it worked out (read: didn't destroy my blog). ^^

  2. Those are beautiful! And now I am the one wanting to play LotRO... /le sigh

  3. Oooh, aaah... you are the perfect blend of sky and greenery. (That is a compliment right?) :D


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