Friday, 20 November 2015

Fashion Friday: an agent's travelling outfit

It's that day of the week again: Friday! Just a few hours more and you can go home again and relax with some Star Wars: The Old Republic. And just to get you in the mood I've got a lovely agent outfit for you, provided for by operative Syeeda.

What I love about this set is its versatility. It is simple, it is functional, but it looks good. The outfit works just as well on agents as on smugglers, it's pretty inconspicuous in that regard. Good news for operative Syeeda: if everyone could tell her allegiance by her appearance she wouldn't be doing a very good job.

The set

  • Zayne Carrick's Jacket
  • Zayne Carrick's Gloves
  • Zayne Carrick's Belt (Dark Brown/Medium Brown dye)
  • Zayne Carrick's Pants
  • Zayne Carrick's Boots (Light Brown/Medium Brown dye)
  • Zayne Carrick's Boots (Pale Gray/Dark Yellow dye)
The whole outfit is level 1+, adaptive, and available from the cartel market.

I realize it's not one of the most exiting individual item combinations, since all pieces belong to the same set. The use of dyes is really the only thing that changes the original - and for the better so, in my opinion. Did you notice how the small gold/bronze details correspond with her hairband? I decided to post the outfit here either way, because it's one of those rare occasions where character and outfit align perfectly. Plus I get to coin some pictures for IntPiPoMo, because surely pretty character screenies should count!


  1. Nice outfit. This would look awesome on my smuggler. I'll have to look out for it next time I get back into SW:TOR.

  2. Zayne Carrick's Jacket is a really nice and versatile chest piece. I chose a grey version for my Sentinel, because it's somewhat reminiscent of Jedi robes in my eyes, especially with those cloth folds around the shoulders, but short and practical enough that I could see her wearing it into combat. (I kind of struggled to picture her with two swooshing lightsabers and a long, flowing robe at the same time.)

    1. That's an interesting application, I could totally see that work. The majority of the chest piece looks to be of some kind of linen, which is very suitable for jedi. I have outfits with pants for my sentinel and marauder as well - I agree that running around in a long robe simply wouldn't be very practical! Would love to see your jedi; do you have a picture?

    2. Not the best character shot, but you can sort of see what I'm talking about:

    3. [IMG][/IMG]

      Oh, it's your cathar! I like the choice of the boots to go with it. The leather fits really well with the rest.

  3. Many of the outfits offered in the game are impractical for various reasons, not the least of which are the Agent pieces that look like you're on shore leave from the Imperial Navy. This looks perfect for an operative not afraid to get her hands dirty. 😀


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