Sunday, 27 January 2013

SWTOR: Epic lightsaber fights

What's a Star Wars movie without a good lightsaber fight? Lucky for us, the developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic thought the same about their game and gave us plenty of fancy effects. I absolutely love all the pull, push and jump effects of SWTOR. They don't just look awesome, they also make gameplay (especially in PvP) very versatile and fun. 

A while ago, me and my guildies were waiting to start the Nightmare Pilgrim and got bored. People went messing around and sparring each other. The perfect opportunity for me to sneak around like a paparazzi and take some action pictures of epic lightsaber fights.

Not sure what happens here, but it looks painful.

Jedi's somehow learned how to cast atomic explosions. No orokeets were harmed in the process.


An example of the traditional George Lucas lightsaber battle technique, making sure the saber hits everything but the opponent.

It was certainly a lot harder to take shots of sparring characters than I expected. Not only were they leaping/getting pulled/getting pushed out of my view all the time, the lightsaber effects were actually a bit *too flashy* most of the time. Out of 13 pictures, I kept only these 7, but I'm happy with the result nonetheless.


  1. Haha, I knew this was going to be from downtime while waiting for Nightmare Pilgrim before I even read the text. :P I've done similar things while waiting there... you don't need to have lightsaber users duelling to get fancy pics either! Still not sure what caused all the sparks in this picture for example...

    1. Best thing to do at the Pilgrim! Not that there's anything else to do...

      Are you with the Twin Suns? Then you probably know the guy with the red sabers above. ^^

      I tried to take some good shots of troopers and smugglers as well, but somehow they all turned out to be underwhelming. A challenge for next time. :)

    2. Yeah, I'm in Twin Suns Squadron. Hm, hard to tell just from that picture, but red sabers make me think Ella'ria?

    3. Aye Shin that's me =P it's my forum avatar if you look :)

  2. With so much that went wrong for me in SWTOR, the devs at BioWare certainly got the visuals right. I loved the fights and the visual effects. I love the black/blue and black/red sabers.


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