Saturday, 19 January 2013

SWTOR: Where's my SHIP?!

So in addition to a new jacket, I got a piece of blue underwear to pull over my tentacles today, awesome! Even though I usually hide my headgear (on other characters I like to see my hair - I know, we women are vain), this one is pretty practical with the tentacles popping through the holes and I bet pretty warm too in windy space ports. Besides, I look utterly badass with it, so I might actually hold on to this one for a while.

Today the hunt for my stolen ship continued. While I was enjoying flirting with shady underworld types, watching Corso being cute and getting jealous, Y'uno herself was getting increasingly frustrated by missing out on her ship and villain Skavak getting away with it. The exclaimed "Where is my ship?!" was getting more and more capitalized. 

I love the smuggler story.

And then, finally, we got our ship back. And what a ship it was!

A ship with its own bar = win. Now I only need some friends to hang out with.

There also seemed to be some... 'interesting' cargo.

And my own ship pet. I call him Lexy.

Flygirl Yu'no, ready for the stars!

Y'uno is wearing: Terenthium Barrage Jacket - Gunslinger's Headgear - Laminoid Barrage Belt, and colour unified: Esseles Scoundrel's Gloves - Stealth Leggings - Tempered Mesh Armguards - Cerean Synthleather Kneeboots.


  1. It's not just the ladies that like their hair! I usually disable headgear (and sometimes cloaks) on my Lotro characters. Especially when you change equipment so frequently (and I don't usually use cosmetics), it becomes jarring to look at a different head every day. Plus I picked out my character's looks; why should I hide them under ugly buckets?

    1. I'm truly shocked that you're actually walking around in equipment gear in LotRO! Let me know if I can get you anything nice. I'll give you free fashion advice. ;)

  2. I almost disable headgear if possible, except for the very fine pirate hat I acquired for the my GW2 Engineer. Actually, that one of the petty reasons I didn't come back to SWTOR, they want me to *pay* for the privilege of not looking like a clown. Some hats work, but many do not.

    1. I've heard of more people returning to SWTOR and being annoyed by the limitations they have as F2P'er. I think F2P in general works well, though. There's no Pay-to-win and there's a lot of money going around in cosmetics and other fluff. Definitely works 100x nicer than the LotRO store.


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