Friday, 1 February 2013

KOTOR 2: Strange new friends

Tiger and I have a habit of playing games together. Sometimes it's even single-player games. Earlier on it was Mass Effect, and now we're playing KOTOR 2 in the hour before we go to bed. It's a bit like reading a book, but then a digital version. The only requirement is that it has to have a story. If Tiger is behind the controls, I'll make the conversation choices and vise versa.

New friends

In the past days, KOTOR has offered me many digital friends, yay! Look:

I always liked HK-47, but these imposters just don't have his style. HK was never into stalking! My new friend is a skill and is called "Destroy droid". It's a bit OP, but that's okay, at least the droids are quickly taken care of.

Then there's this Bao-dur guy who found us after an unfortunate incident in which the Ebon Hawk was - once again - shot down. He really is a friendly guy, but what's up with his voice?! He doesn't talk, he just whispers with this low voice of him. Like these men that might call you deep in the night and make strange noises. Each time he says something, it gives me the creeps.

Pro-tip for male readers: don't constantly keep your voice down while talking to the ladies, it freaks them out!

My third friend has an artificial form and makes the sound of "woosh woosh zoom". You've guessed it right, I have crafted myself a lightsaber, and I'm hitting them where it hurts! I'm using a violet crystal I bought on Telos. I'm telling you, it's violet - totally not pink! *cough*

The strangest friends I've made so far, though, must be Mandelore and his Mandalorian followers. After all the people downing my ship and shooting at me for various reasons (mostly evilness or wanting to collect the bounty on my head), I wasn't expecting to find a tribe of cuddly Mandalorians out there in the wilds, giving a warm welcome to a jedi who exterminated a lot of their companions in the Mandalorian wars.

The best part was of course that Mandalore himself was Canderous Ordo (left on the picture), although he hasn't spoken much of himself yet. For the rest, I'm having fun buffing the group while Kreia shows off her OP skills such as "Force Lightning", "Kill" and "Horror".

It's not much of a challenge so far, but I'm mostly playing for the story anyway. Turning the difficulty up and spending ages on landscape beasts is not something I look forward to either.


  1. *comments in a low voice* Yes, I also thought Bao dur way of talking was really weird. Might explain why he was among my last choices to take with me on missions.

    I was going to ask how you got a lightsaber so soon then I saw the rest of the screenshots. Seems like you already completed one planet (or something like that) so you got it at the normal time. :)

    And I always kept forgetting that Mandalore is Canderous Ordo. His voice seems so different from KotOR 1. Or at least the voice I remember him having from KotOR 1. @_@

    ~ Rakuno

    1. So it wasn't just me! Tiger said I was being silly and that his voice was normal. :O

      I skipped to talk about Telos, not because I didn't like the planet, but because I just didn't know what to say about it.

      I agree with you about Canderous. Perhaps it's just because you don't see his face because of the armour. But it almost seems to me as if his figure is more slender. Ah well. At least he is, although super dark side, a lot nicer to me than the average person I encounter. ^^


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