Monday, 25 February 2013

SWTOR: Fashion victim

Tiger reminded me today that I told him once that I'd never roll a trooper (no offence, troopers, but shooting and the army really aren't my cup of tea). But this is different. Now it's about fashion.

Ever since I saw the White Scalene outfit and concluded it looks really bad on a sage, I've been longing for my own trooper to wear it. The set just looks so damn good! Today I couldn't stop myself anymore and created Xialin. Her hair fits with the outfit, just like her cyborg implant with the exact same colour of turquoise (she's also my first cyborg character). I'm planning on making her a Vanguard and level her through PvP, since that's the fastest way and I'm pretty much done with questing nowadays. For the White Scalene Armour, she needs to be level 45.

The only small problem (apart from being about 40 levels too low to wear it) is that you also need Champion standing with the Gree and I'm never going to make that before those evil Gree leave, tomorrow already. With only one level capped character, I have managed to max out my weekly reputation caps and am ranked Hero, but I haven't been able to store up that many rep items to make it all the way to Champion the coming weeks. It's a bit frustrating. On the other hand, I'll have plenty of time to level Xialin while I wait for the Gree to return.

Strangely enough, I'm actually liking trooper play so far (ssst, don't tell Tiger!) and it's the last republic story I haven't uncovered yet. I also love the voice of Jennifer Hale, and it feels as if I'm playing Shepard all over again, but this time in the Star Wars universe. It might actually all turn out alright if I ever learn to play her in PvP decently.

I'm probably a bit crazy to create a new character just to wear a level 45 armour set. The worst part: it's not even the first time. I wonder if there are others doing the same. It's all about fashion, right?

So what am I wearing?

I actually like the design of much of the starter armour in SWTOR, and this is supposed to be a fashion post, so here we go. From top to bottom:

To be continued... Playing vanguard.


  1. You are definitely not alone!

    My recent bout of altitis in Guild Wars 2 is all due to some cool armor sets. I would show some pictures of them but... It will take me a while to get those outfits. Specially because some of them are very, very expensive and making money in MMORPGs has been always something I have had trouble with. I will try to post it as I get them though!

    Anyway, love the screenshots as always and the colors of the outfit on the first one. :)


  2. Um... no I've never created a toon to wear a specific outfit... nope... or avoided creating a toon to avoid that type of armor... nope... /denial

  3. I'm not aloooone... *dances around*


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