Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Pokémon: Into the Unown

Recommended listening to get in the mood: Ruins of Alph tune.

So this is me catching pokémon! I'm super awesome because I apparently have blue hair in ponytails (hey, it was either a dude with a cap or a girl with blue hair - easy choice, right?). The maniacal laugh is what you get when you've spent too much time looking for Unowns - or listening at the tune posted above, for that matter. It has nothing to do with me being unable to draw healthy looking human beings, believe me. *cough*

Unowns, I say? Yes, those are them pokémon vaguely resembling letters, introduced with 'Generation II' (using the proper nerd word here). They are all called identically "Unown", but as many different appearances exist, I thought it was time to catch all different looking ones, and see if something special happens (if you already know, please don't tell me, I'd like no spoilers!). These are the ones I've caught so far:


Catching Unown is actually pretty boring, because you run into the wrong ones you already have all the time. Also, I need to check the paper lying next to my bed at each Unown encounter to check whether I've already caught this particular version. Nevertheless, I will prevail! I'm looking for Unown each evening when there's some downtime, so I'm bound to get the collection complete one day.

What happens then... that's for another post.


  1. Woot! I like me some Pokemans as much as the next guy from internetland. I definitely couldn't figure out which version that character was from until I looked at the tags though.

    1. From Pokémon Crystal onwards, there's the option to pick a girl as your character from the selection screen onwards. She seems to have blue hair in ponytails but of course it's hard to see from above with so few pixels. That combined with what I could make of the character screen (showing the gym badges and stuff) made me come up with this 'reconstruction'.

      You're the first one (besides me) who has declared his love for Pokémon on here, so Woot for you! Seems like most turn away in disgust from these posts. xD

    2. The game's are always so simple and shallow, but the combat is deep and complex. I like that, though last time I really tried to build good teams and battle online was Gen 3.

    3. Wait, maybe make that Gen 4? It's a blur!

    4. Simple yet engaging, I agree with that! I haven't tried any online battles so far, I'm just playing Pokémon Crystal single-player on my Game Boy. And I must admit, I threw in the towel after Gen 2.


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