Monday, 25 May 2015

The Republic wants YOU

The last week of the NBI is there, and I have so many things to post still! More things than my usual writing schedule of Monday - Wednesday - Friday permits, so you will see Ravalation posts on odd days (gasp), just so I can get all the posts out. There, I've warned you.

What you can expect for this week are three more submissions for Murf's Screenshot Safari and a Talkback Challenge post. Some of the posts will be about Guild Wars 2 and Lord of the Rings Online, which I have neglected a bit over the past few weeks.

Today's post is one of the remaining submissions for the Screenshot Safari, namely my contribution to the category Selfie. It was a tough screenshot to come up with: I've ploughed through roughly 500 of them and managed to select 16 suitable selfies. I eventually settled for this picture because I think it captures the selfie spirit very well: "look at me; I'm so cool/sociable/sexy!" (strike through that what does not apply). She is also obviously posing, which in my opinion is obligatory for a selfie.

By Angevere

By Ant Lucia

By Sherbertine
Trooper pinups are apparently a thing for Republic recruitment posters.
I love how there's one with general Garza.

I think the shot of my vanguard Xialin in SWTOR qualifies for posing cool & sexy. If only I were better at Photoshop: I would totally make her into a trooper pinup on a Republic army recruitment poster of my own!

My 2015 Screenshot Safari contributions:

1) Juggernaut Neserys: hero or villain? (hero or villain)
2) The Republic wants YOU (selfie)
3) Capturing High Fantasy (High Fantasy)
4) The scariest place... for a hungover Elf (the scariest place)

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