Friday, 16 October 2015

Fashion Friday: dressing your jedi for the autumn

You may have noticed a distinct lack 5 Fandom Friday posts on Ravalation today. Don't worry, I'm still loving 5FF, but today's topic was "Things I Love About Halloween" and jedi simply do not care for pumpkins. They do, however, care for fashionable robes. So hereby I'm introducing a new project for those pumpkin-heavy 5FF's: Fashion Friday! That's right, a Friday dedicated to drooling at pretty bathrobes, dreaming you are the one wearing them, elegantly strolling through the Old Republic.

One of such bathrobes is the above "Military Suit", an often overlooked simple world drop that pleases the secret hipster in me. I'm not even sure whether it is grey or purple; perhaps "aubergine" describes the colour of the coat best - doesn't that sound utterly fashionable? For me it represents the perfect autumn bathrobe.

With the leather and cloth, this armour may suit jedi sentinels best - but I'm ignoring that and wear it on my guardian (Ravalyn) anyway! Being brown, the outfit makes for very appropriate jedi clothing. It is one of the few jedi robes that has its hood is down by default, so you don't have to limit yourself to those unibrow force-the-hood down circlets if you're like me and like seeing your character's hair. It is also a good substitute robe to have with you in case you run into cutscenes in which said circlets are broken (yes, I'm totally the type that does a conversation three times over to get screenies of my whole wardrobe!).

The set

  • [Prototype Kuati] Military Suit (L35, medium armour, random world drop). Alternatives: Prototype Bovin Military Suit (identical) & Baktoid / Dantooinian / InterroTek / QorWorks Military Suit (hooded)
  • Peacekeeper's Headgear (L19, heavy armour, trooper/jedi knight, crafted).
  • Ambitious Warrior Handwraps (L1, adaptive, cartel market). Alternative: Relaxed Vestments Handwraps.
  • Ravager's Belt (L1, adaptive, cartel market).
  • Potent Champion Pants (L1, adaptive, cartel market).
  • Drifter Boots (L1, adaptive, cartel market). Alternative: Relaxed Vestments Boots

Alternative looks

Mira's Headband (picture to the right, top) or the similar but cheaper Mantellian Privateer Headgear instead of Peacekeeper's Headgear are good alternatives because of their leathery look.

Gree lightsabers work well together with the square pattern at the lower part of the robe at the back (picture to the right, bottom).

There is a version of this robe with hood up called Trellised Jacket.

The most expensive parts of this outfit are the gloves and boots. I really like these for fitting with the leather strips on the front part of the chest piece, but you could always exchange them with something else. Krail Armory Zal Alloy Boots (random world drop) / Recovered Hero Boots (cartel market) or Rampage Assault Boots (unsure) and Krail Armory Durasteel Gauntlets (random world drop) / [Prototype] Rampage Assault Handgear (craftable) are options if you want to go for a more heavy armour look.

I hope Ravalyn's autumn look made up for the lack of pumpkins. Now you'll have to excuse me, I have an Emperor to defeat!


  1. For a minute there I thought you were going to give cosplay tips in time for Halloween!

    1. Sorry to disappoint! Nothing is stopping you from sewing this robe at home, though. :P

    2. Oh, I can think of one thing.... Lack of skill. (In my case, anyway.)

  2. The definition of being bad-@#$ is whooping everyone's monkey @#$ while you're in your bathrobe!

  3. Haha. This post made me giggle. Great non-pumpkin twist on the 5FF

    1. Saw a lot of people with spin offs this Friday. Glad you approve!

  4. xDDDD I know this is supposed to be for a video game but... this tips actually sound fantastic for real cosplay!!! :D

    1. Haha. If only I could sew - I would totally wear this robe for Halloween!

  5. Hi there. Just found this blog. Awesome outfit! :)


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