Friday, 17 June 2016

Fashion Friday: Like a Voss

The Voss are not a playable race in Star Wars: the Old Republic, but I'm stubborn (old news, I know) and still wanted to play one. In this post I'll share some ideas on how to play a "head canon Voss character", using Voss inspired clothes, mounts and decorations as your tools. I've also researched Voss names, which you can read all about in the sequel: Lore-appropriate Voss Names. But this post is all about fashion and features my sorcerer Rava-Lae as a living example.

You are a Star Wars fan but haven't heard of the Voss ever? No worries, neither had I, until I reached level 40ish in the MMO Star Wars: the Old Republic (SWTOR). The race appears in this game only and is indigenous of the identically called planet Voss. Their spiritual leaders with political power are called Mystics. Voss Mystics use the force to see the future, but they don't identify with the dark or the light side. You can read more about the Voss here on Wookieepedia.

People of Voss. Female Voss are red skinned with bright blue eyes and facial patterns; 
male Voss are blue skinned with orange eyes and facial patterns.

Character features

Class: Voss society is hierarchical and strict, and the word of the Mystics is law. Bounty hunters and smugglers would therefore be out of place: these professions simply don't seem to exist. A trooper would work, because Voss soldiers wear generic white armour. The Voss-specific armour that's available in-game is for Mystics and fits force users, sith inquisitors and jedi consulars in particular, best.
Skin colour: female characters can roll a pureblood Sith (like Rava-Lae on the pictures); male characters a Chiss (optionally wearing sun glasses to hide the red eyes). Unfortunately, there's no way to get the facial patterns true Voss would have. That's why Rava-Lae - in my head canon - is half Voss, half Sith.
Hair style: bald. As you can see on the pictures above, Voss actually don't have any facial hair.
Body type: all Voss you encounter in-game are very skinny, therefore I chose to go with body type 1 for Rava-Lae. You could make an argument for body type 2, but 3 and 4 would be a-typical.

The set

Voss Ambassador Headband (adaptive armour)
Voss Ambassador Robes (idem)
Voss Ambassador Gloves (idem)
Voss Ambassador Sash (idem)
Voss Ambassador Leggings (idem)
Voss Ambassador Shoes (idem)
Voss Ambassador Wristbands (idem)
Lightsaber with blue crystal

Roche Shaclaw (maxed out Dr Oggurob faction, KotFE)
Caravan Uxibeast (cartel market)

I chose a blue crystal for my lightsaber because it fit well with the blue of the outfit and because I wanted to counter the Sith part of her a bit. A red or a (more neutral) yellow crystal would fit just as well, though, especially if you go for one of the differently coloured Voss mystic outfits.

Alternative Voss outfits

The Voss Ambassador set Rava-Lae is wearing can be bought in the Voss-Ka cantina on Voss (level 40+). You need Champion standing in order to buy it. The pieces are bound on legacy, so can be sent to alts. There are a handful of Voss inspired armour sets available, including the identical looking Traditional Brocard set that is Republic only and requires level 48.

All Voss mystic inspired armour sets:
Voss Ambassador (Champion reputation, Voss)
Voss Mystic (Social V, Voss)
Voss Dignitary (Contraband Resale Coorporation, newcomer reputation)
Aftermarket Force-Lord’s MK-2 (Imperial only, heroics; L21)
Elder Battlemind (Republic only, Hoth random world drop)
Elder Exemplar (Republic only, Hoth random world drop)
Elder Seeker (Republic only, Hoth random world drop)
Traditional Brocard (Republic only, crafted L48)

I'm pretty happy with how Rava-Lae turned out; she's even recognized as Voss by others. Being half Sith, half Voss feels like bending the rules a little bit, but in my mind the character makes sense. Do you also make up characters that represent unplayable races?


  1. Very thorough! I love how you have a list of alternate gear too.

    1. Thank you! I really like some of those other sets. Perhaps I'll create some alternate outfits when my character is higher level and can actually wear them. :)

  2. I need coffee. I read "Rava-lae" as "Larva-rae".

    1. And so a new era of hate-Rav-for-that-Creative-blogger-award begins... :P

    2. I think the first time I read the name I read it as "Ravanel" then my brain went "Wait a minute. There is something wrong in there". So I had to go back and re-read it. I am just not used to Ravanel variants!

    3. I guess that's I get for not sticking to my subtitle by writing about the day-to-day adventures of my characters. I have many in SWTOR and most start with Rav-. You can call me lazy, but somehow that just clicks for me. ^^

    4. Oh, it has nothing to do with the Creative Blogger Award. My brain hadn't woken up. ;-)

    5. *offers brand new, functional tongue-in-cheek detector to Redbeard*

    6. I thought about another possibility for me. It is possible that my ADD was just kicking in at the time and my brain went into automatic mode. Happens to me some times when I am reading a good book and then finding myself realizing I have no idea what is going on anymore and I need to backtrack because my mind was somewhere else.

      Usually it happens when I am worried or stressed but can happen other times too.

    7. Aww, hope it wasn't the worrying or stress part. :( I'll just throw in some extra "Ravanel variations" in the future to keep you on your toes. :P


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