Saturday, 4 August 2012

LOTRO: Ready for summer

Summer outfit

Just a quick post to show my new summer outfit, as promised. With thanks to Danania ("Supergirl") for pointing out that the dress that I missed getting this spring wasn't bound and my friend Liry for letting me borrow hers to put in my wardrobe! I don't really care about sets and think it looks great with the faire's flower circlet. Isn't this the perfect outfit for a summer's day in the park?

Well, if the weather would be a bit better, that is. I guess that's where the long sleeves come in.

One final note: do watch out for bears while you're hanging around. Those buggers even roam the most idyllic picknick spots. Luckily, I can take them out with my fists these days. Go Rav!

     Summer's outfit      

You can get the circlet at the current farmer's faire. If you missed getting the dress in the spring, check the auction halls to see if it's offered there, or borrow one from a friend, like I did.

Sadly, the circlet cannot be dyed, but the dress can. Simbelmynë's dress  also looks great with it when dyed violet. Let me know if you found another nice combination!

I'm usually not really the type, but sometimes it's just great to run around and look happy and cute.


  1. So I don't usually get worked up over screenshots too much, as you know, but you look like quite the fairy princess in those pictures! Lovely cosmetic choices. :) That must be somewhere in Bree-land, right?

    1. Thanks... I think. Sometimes it's fun to play the princess. ^^ And... identification correct! If you head out from Bree over the road to the west, you'll find the flower field on your right hand.

    2. Woot! Yeah; I found myself there after dying in the Barrow-downs. No one having photo sessions there today. :(

  2. She looks lovely in that dress. :)

    Also the mental idea of Ravanel beating up a bear with her bare fists is just too funny. Although my mage in Skyrim is weeping with jealousy of her. Poor guy get mauled easily by bears if they get close enough.

    -- Rakuno

    1. Thank you! And to cheer up your mage: getting mauled by bears is always better than getting eaten by those freakin' CRABS. My ranger needs to one-shot/range things, otherwise I'm just meat. ^^

  3. Aahhh... that looks so relaxing...

    Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool...
    and along comes a bear that was up to no good, and start makin' trouble in yo neighborhood... time for you to get outta there, and come sit on your throne as the Fairy Princess of Bel-aire.

    BTW: you are rockin' it with only 2 cosmetic pieces!


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