Monday, 20 August 2012

SWTOR: It's world boss time!

Just some quick pictures of Saturday night, when I spent until 3 o'clock in the morning traveling space with guildmates, hunting down world bosses. For no reason, really, just because we could.

For those who don't know: almost every planet in SWTOR has a world boss that can be found somewhere in the landscape and needs to be taken down by a large group of people. They are known to drop nice items. We killed quite some of them for fun, although many on low level planets dropped only useless low level items. Sadly enough there didn't seem to be an achievement for killing all of them.

Above you see world boss Snowblind on Hoth, looking rather cute and innocent, although he did have the ability to blind our sight and deal damage if we weren't cuddled up. What would you do if you're just enjoying your Saturday night wandering through your favourite icicle wood and you suddenly get attacked by eight savages with lightsabers?

Hoth apparently was one of the few planets with two world bosses, so we also visited Snowblind's colleague Gargath (again, with deadly consequences). Reason for a party!

We found out that there was some sort of achievement after all, and that was to kill four of the hardest world bosses to get an err... 'very pretty' purple speeder (picture on top of this post), among which Snowblind and Gargath. The third was the Primal Destroyer on Belsavis, and that one too we sought out. Orokeet was also allowed to help in the form of moral support.

On this one I had to get awake and actually heal people. We lost one person, but made it without a wipe. Hurray! Sadly enough, the fourth world boss for the speeder is the Nightmare Pilgrim, for which you need 16 people with full Rakata (= very good) gear and a special item in order not to get one-shot. We don't have enough people with that gear in my guild yet, but I surely hope to do it one day. Until then, I'll keep the speeder quest in my log.


Hunting world bosses is not particularly challenging or rewarding, but it can be a fun way to spend the evening with your gaming friends.


  1. So a "World Boss" is like... a "Mayor" in Foursquare? :D

    1. I had to look that one up, but, haha, yes I guess!

      Only as mayor you don't have to die to loose your title (oof) and as world boss you don't actually have a conscience. ;)

  2. I think it's cute that you call them your kin. LOTRO much? ;P

    1. Aargh! Fixed.

      But yeah, LotRO is still my main game, and probably always will be. For each "guild", "party" or "ops" you read on this blog, you can count on a second of previous reconsideration (sigh).


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