Friday, 17 August 2012

SWTOR: A Tiger on Steam

Introducing Tiger

Yesterday, I read an interesting discussion following a post from Rowan of I Have Touched The Sky called My Lovely Bride. Several well known bloggers were discussing how to mention your 'significant other' in blog posts, and it was fun to see what solutions they came up with. Many were using nicknames for themselves and for their partners. It also raised the question of how I should call my own boyfriend, as I remember that he once mentioned he didn't like the distant 'my boyfriend' after he read a post. So I asked him. Response:

"Yeah, I don't really care. Can be my first name, but a mystery name is okay too."

"What mystery name did you have in mind?"



"You do realize that sounds like a stage name, right? I mean, like, one of the wrong kind of performer."

No response.

So there we go, 'my boyfriend' will now officially be replaced with 'Tiger' and we'll see how long I can keep it up with a straight face.

On the pictures: Tiger rocking on Jedi guardian Rheiya in SWTOR.

SWTOR on Steam

So, um, 'Tiger' has fixed something for me, namely: I can now play Star Wars through Steam! I first had a workaround set up that would launch Origin through Steam and say "Star Wars: The Old Republic" instead of "Origin" when I'd click the icon, but it meant that I had to type in passwords three times instead of two times, and the Steam chat overlay didn't work. Tiger searched the internet and found a way that makes it work correctly after all, and I thought I should share it with my fellow SWTOR players:

Warning: deployment of nerdy boyfriends/girlfriends may be necessary. Enjoy!

Edit (January 2013): this has been fixed so you don't need to create your own file anymore, now you need to run Steam as administrator and use Launcher.exe in your Library.


  1. When I read the title of this blog and took a glance at the screenshots I thought you were going to introduce a new characters of yours. After reading your post though, all I can say is that is a...uh... very interesting choice for a nickname. XD

    Anyway, thanks for the tip about how to make SWTOR work with Steam. I have a friend who just got into steam and is playing SWTOR. She has been putting some of her games in her steam library and I don't remember if SWTOR was one of those. In any case, I will point this out to her! :)

    1. Glad this (possibly) helped. If you're a regular Steam user, it's nice to have the chat working properly with SWTOR as well. :)

  2. Yay Tiger! (he looks effeminate in the picture...)
    sorry, had to go there. :D

    1. xD

      I keep telling him, but he keeps clicking the "female" button on his SWTOR character creation screens. You'd almost think it's on purpose! ;)

  3. These photos are amazing, the bottom one classic, and the top one, wow, so exciting, such dynamic energy. I can hear bombastic John Williams music just by looking at it.

    So Tiger's obviously rockin it! Although Danania does have a point, s/he looks more like "Tigress" in these pix. :D

    For those of us that grew up in some lame-o MMO that isn't really even a game... what, besides an online place to buy games is Steam?

    Lookie, lookie, I even made an account there the other day:

    But what IDK is if you already had SWTOR, why is it better to run it thru Steam?

    Maybe everything is better when it's steampowered? It's not a steampunk thing is it? BTW I went to an awesome Steampunk wedding IRL last summer. Also the lame MMO that's not a game (hahaha - hereafter known as "the MMO that shall not be named, or MMO-NBN for short) has, like, a zillion steampunk regions and activities and some university etc. A lot of peeps there are really into it.

    I doubt that Tiger plays MMO-NBN, but I think I should still get double word score for fitting 2 new names into one sentence! Hope you 'n Tiger have an awesome weekend!

    1. I'm glad you like the pictures! Although I must admit that these particular ones weren't that hard to take. They're part of a short movie you get to see during a part of your class quest, so it was just a matter of pressing the print screen button at the right time. ^^

      Sorry about failing to explain about Steam!

      I guess Steam is a bit like the gamer version of Facebook, only without the "if you upload a picture it will be ours, mwouhahaha" part, less pictures and more nerdy. Or perhaps it's a sort of gamer cross-over between Facebook and MSN, I don't know. You're right, it's for buying games, but it has some smart additional features. I mainly use it to chat to friends while I'm playing games, and you can also see the 'achievements' you made in games (and you can look up those of your friends as well). If you launch a game through Steam, you can chat while playing a game regardless of which game your friends are playing (or if they're playing one at all). You don't have to alt+tab out of your full screen game for it, but get a look-through overlay.

      Star Wars: The Old Republic is an EA game, which works through competitor Origin (similar program to Steam, but seems to be less popular). You have to start the game up through Origin, which isn't full-screen and messes up the whole thing. A technical story, but anyway, if you use the workaround I posted, you can chat with your Steam friends in SWTOR again. :)

      And, haha, no it doesn't have to do anything with steampunk, the program just happens to be called like that for whatever reason. Steampunk wedding sounds awesome! I love masquerades, wish I'd seen that. :D

    2. I believe it's called Steam because the company who runs it is Valve.

      It was a fascinating discussion. I had no idea some people felt so strongly about the whole thing.


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