Tuesday, 7 August 2012

SWTOR: It's pink and it bites

Star Wars players were pleasantly surprised today by a Gannifari in their mailbox. Apparently, this, plus 25 Black Hole Commendations, was Bioware’s way of saying thanks for moving our characters to more crowded servers.

Despite my general concerns about sending pets in lockboxes by mail and giving pets as presents to unexpecting caretakers, the Gannifari seemed to be doing alright. Although I did have to take a few steps back when he showed his temper.

How do I get one?

To get your Gannifari, simply get the lockbox from your mail and open it. You can (re)summon your pet by opening the Abilities window and looking under Pets. Click the icon and... there it is! Note that you cannot use the lockbox if you're lower than level 20. You will have to store it somewhere until you are. If you did not receive a mail, this could be because you didn't transfer or don't play on a destination server.

I’m not sure why, but - even though this baby dinosaur has a creepy fly eyes and might occasionally bite - I still think it's cute.

A similar article has been published on as "7 August - It's pink and it bites".


  1. How nice of them. :) And it is cute! :)

    1. I love surprise pets. And good to hear I'm not the only one who thinnks it is cute! ^^


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