Saturday, 5 May 2012

LOTRO: On steeds and Shades of the Past

Anniversary grind completed

I'm there, I got the horses I wanted from this anniversary festival, but it was quite a grind. Less horse tokens, but double as many normal tokens, sigh. I'm really happy with what I got though: I love how the Steed of the Dusk-watch fits with my anniversary dress (picture below) - the saddle has the same blue colour, a good substitute for the anniversary azure steed that I missed out on. The Fireworks Laden Steed looks brilliant as well. I love the fireworks that comes out of its back now and then (picture at the bottom of the article)! Luckily I already got the Anniversary Steed of last year - not that I'm particular fond of its look. I do like how the picture turned out (above). If you'd still like to get some anniversary stuff: the festival is extended to May 9th.

Weekend of steeds

Steeds are hot! If you're into it, this weekend is your chance to buy any Store exclusive steeds. Apparently, all steeds that are usually only temporarily available can all be bought in the Store this weekend. In addition, most servers have steed themed community events planned - see the Lotro Reporter website for a roster. There's also a contest, for which you can submit your best horses-in-action screenshots.

Source: Official Lotro Website, Lotro Reporter

Update 7 announced

Also, news has been released of the next update, called update 7 "Shades of the Past", which will hit before June the 5th. The exact date is not clear, but this is a lot sooner than expected, at least for me! Don't worry you don't have to grind through another 10 levels just yet, the cap raise is not expected before this fall. Update 7 will embody some content upgrades:
  • Fornost will be overhauled, so that it:
- can be played at a chosen level between 30 and 75
- is divided in four parts (each for a full fellowship)
Fornost isn't my favorite instance, but this does sound like a good idea. Do you remember the last time that you cleared the whole Fornost instance on-level? I've been playing for over four years now, but I think I've only done the thing in one go once, and it took me a whole afternoon and evening. And then I'm not even thinking of all the times you went in there and there was always one person who had not done the quests in the first area - resulting in not having enough time left over to do the quests the other five needed. It will be fun to play this again for good old time's sake.
  • Moria areas will get a revamp
Both the looks and the quests will get attention. I didn't think there was much wrong with them as they are, but I found the previous area revamps they've done quite nice, so I guess it can't hurt. Who knows, I might level my level 48 champion a bit to try them out.
  • New skirmish raid: Storm of the Methedras
Yay, new content! Less yay: why is it a skirmish? I shouldn't complain too much though, as I think people have seen most of the Tower of Orthanc by now. It is time to give us something new to keep us quiet before the big autumn update. The title sounds as if it will involve the Rohirrim, which certainly will excite my captain Ravenwyn, having Rohirrim roots.

Overall, I am looking forward to seeing this new update getting implemented. If you can't wait: Bullroarer will be opened soon.

Sources: Lotro Forums, A Casual Stroll to Mordor

Edit: check out my first thoughts in Update 7: first impression.

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