Wednesday, 9 May 2012

LOTRO: Last day of the festival

I think most people already have done what they wanted festivalwise by now, but don't forget to also barter any anniversary coins before the festival ends! You know, the ones that drop randomly from landscape creatures. Yes, you're right, I'm just writing this because I almost forgot to do so myself. Today is the last day of the festival and I expect the keepers of gifts to vanish before tomorrow. Not that the boxes usually drop such amazing stuff...

There is a chance to get cosmetic items, which is fun, I suppose, but I've already collected all of them over the past years. If you can get some of the higher tier gift boxes, you do have a chance on a relic, a sigil or even a 2nd age symbol, though. Are you more lucky than I?

I secretly was happy with the fireworks recipes I got, even though it's only from a collector's perspective. I don't really understand why one would actually use the fireworks recipes: they need an item that can only be acquired through bartering anniversary tokens (= more grinding), while you can also just buy the fireworks itself from a vendor. Am I missing something?
Whatever it is, I'm already very happy that I won't get stuck with leftover coins on each character this year, because you can just barter those for marks now. A nice improvement.

Last notification: all milestone skills are on a 25% sale today, costing 263 instead of 350 Turbine Points. I thought about it quite a while, but eventually decided not to do it, as I've heard the skill only gets bestowed on one character. It would be a different story if it would be account wide, but I'm not drowning in TP just yet.

Okay, that was it for now, it's safe to quit reading this blog and log in to go get your anniversary gifts, buy a one-year supply of fireworks or purchase your milestone skill!


  1. Apparently there will be one token barterer left in Bree, near the taxidermy house, after the festival ends... or so I've been told!

    I gambled on a few boxes, got a couple of sigils and junk, but end the end turned the majority in for marks. I got quite a few from this, it's great!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm happy I don't have to bother with the tokens anymore though. I did look around a bit in Bree (fountain, taxidermists, stable-masters), but couldn't find any token barterer myself. So perhaps they didn't leave one behind after all. Mind you, I'm known for my fail search skills...

      In the end I managed to get quite some marks as well. Totally agree with you there, so happy they made that change!

  2. I got a small pile of firework recipes (agree with what you think about those), some sigils (maybe 4-5 in total?), a few relics (T6-7 if I remember correctly) and also one worn symbol of celebrimbor (so that was quite a lucky pull I guess).

    On the other hand, doing the envelope quest nearly every day with 8-9 characters means I had enough anniversary tokens to decorate my whole house. And the yard.

    1. Hi Riv, and welcome to my little blog. Those recipes will stay a mystery to me - I'm happy I'm not the only one! Seems like you (both of you!) were a lot more lucky than I: I opened loads of gift boxes, but no sigils at all, only tokens and consumables. *sigh*

      I admire your perseverance at doing envelope quests. After a day or two on three characters, I couldn't set myself to do them ever again. The idea is fun, but the rewards were just so rare - and I refuse to spend any TP on stuff like that. Nice to hear your home is accordingly decorated now. :D

    2. Thanks, I read quite a few gaming blogs and maybe one day I will have enough determination to create my own. Until then posting an odd silly screenshot on Twitter has to suffice :p

      The envelope quests was a GRIND. But it was like kind of addiction, you know, "what if..." this time. I wouldn't really have cared, if it weren't for the fact that having seen the mounts my bf had already pulled out (he's a festival junkie :p), I classified them as "not too shabby looking", and had to give it a try. I know there are people who are simply mount collectors and want to have as much mounts in game as they can, often without ever intending to use majority of them, but this ain't the case for me. Thus I wasn't really heart-broken when I managed to get only one mount for my main character. My other main was left with empty hands and, of course, low-level alts of classes I never intend to play (champion and hunter) have both horses and some spare ones in inventory :p Murphy's law in full effect.

      Anyway, in the end the GRIND got really tiring and I only did the quest with the characters I actually am playing or intend to play. The whole fuss with the exploiters also left a negative cloud over the whole thing, so I am so glad this particular festival is over :)

      Anyway, good luck with the blog, I like your style (both in writing and screenies).

    3. Good to read you're a human after all and even you couldn't survive, what is it, three weeks of doing envelope quests on each character. xD

      I've read some of your Helsinki blog in the past and I like your writing style. Now you've made me curious with your gaming blog remark! Why don't you just give it a try? I would certainly like to read it (also, I don't have Twitter and stuff). With the people you already know from reading their blogs and the NBI, I'm sure you'd be able to get it going pretty easily.

      I'm glad you like my blog, that certainly stimulates me to continue!


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