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ME 2: The highlights

I haven't written about Mass Effect for quite a while, but that doesn't mean I haven't been playing it. On the contrary, I've played loads of it, especially back when my internet connection was broken. I have collected all companions and was ready to start the final mission: to exterminate the Collectors. I promise I'll make up for my lack of Mass Effect posts by writing a massive one right now. Get ready for impact. Needless to say: if you haven't played Mass Effect 2 at all, this will be quite a spoiler.

Favorite characters

Before I finish the last part of the game, I'd like to look back at all what happened, starting with my favorite companions of Mass Effect 2. I can't just leave the game without giving them a bit of attention. Darn, it's so hard to order them!

I'll restrict myself to five, even though it'll be hard:

1. Garrus
Garrus in Mass Efect 2 is just completely badass. I remember very well that you're trying to recruit some sniper into your ranks - not a very interesting mission, I thought at first. When I came closer I got more and more respect as he  was just holding hundreds of men off on his own. Then you eventually get to him and find out it's Garrus! One of the most awesome missions, and what a lovely character.

2. Mordin
New to Mass Effect, check out the picture above (left alien, the right one is Grunt). Kleptomaniac with hilarious comments. I love how he deducts everything around him like a Salarian Sherlock Holmes. Not only hyper intelligent, but also hilariously funny.

3. Tali
Cute Tali is the first one who actually is happy to see you, which is a happy change after even that sucky Council you saved thinks you're a lunatic who's imagining Reapers. Tali has transformed from a cute young Quarian trying to prove herself, into a well-respected member of the Flotilla, totally kicking ass.

4. Kasumi/Legion
I know it's a bit unfair to put two here, but I really can't choose. Kasumi is a nice girl, with great stealth skills and absolutely awesome in her work. Legion really fascinates me and sounds like a great character - only I only just added him to my crew and barely got to know him. Hopefully this will chance in Mass Effect 3.

5. Grunt
Even if they suffer from puberty and just want to destroy everything, I simply adore Krogan. Found priceless search engine results of this one on the Shadow Broker's base.

An honourable mention goes to Joker for being my favorite non-combat character. I must've been traumatized by HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but I was terrified by the ship's AI "EDI" at first as well. The development between EDI and Joker is priceless, though, and it ended up being my favorite conversation to observe after each mission (joined by the strong feeling of relief each time after not forgetting to feed my fish). 

Best moments

"Shepard! My friend!" Meeting Wrex was an obvious highlight of Mass Effect 2. Nothing beats meeting my all-time favorite Mass Effect character. Look how happy Wrex and Shepard are to see each other. Wait... is she blushing there?

It was really cool to see Wrex was doing the right thing for the Krogan, trying to save his species. He is so badass. I also loved the rest of the missions on the Krogan homeworld, which is for some reason called something like Tuchanka (it has three syllables, I wonder if they're able to pronounce it themselves). There was also this hilariously cute Krogan poet who tries to conquer his Asari girlfriend by writing poetry for her:

"Blue Rose of Illium, leave eternity unembraced and grapple in the glorious struggle that is us, here and now!"

"Come to me, Blue rose of Illium. Let our three hearts beat as two."

Can you imagine it, a Krogan poet? His poor girlfriend was so horrified by his cliches that she begged us to make him stop. Perhaps you must have seen it yourself in order to be able to appreciate it, but I couldn't stop laughing each time I passed by.

Liara! When I did her mission, I really thought she would end up as my last companion, as I had only one spot left. Her mission is just crazy exciting, the best of all character missions in my opinion. After two years she has evolved from a cute naive scientist to a badass woman with a terrifying goal. It was also very heartwarming to find out she actually tried to save me after Mass Effect 1. Her being my second all-time favorite Mass Effect character, I was so disappointed when it became clear she was not going to join me! Admittedly, her story's ending is perfect for her as a person, but I cannot help as to look forward to Mass Effect 3 and can only hope she'll be back there.

Another thing I love is making up bad names for teams. Teams as in the trinity of you that ventures into each mission. Behold below: "Team Biotic Bitches". I'm not particularly fond of these women (especially Jack), nor are they particularly fond of each other, but the name made me do it.

Here's another one. Can you guess the name?

Meet "Team Sexy Nerd Girls". Yes, this would be us if we were Mass Effect characters! *keeps on dreaming*

My wife is giving birth to a Collector! / Aka "The end" 

I really couldn't stop laughing when I saw the picture to the right of this baby posted by a redditor father-to-be yesterday. You really should read the reddit page it was posted on, as it contains priceless commentary. Meanwhile, I could not help but giggle all the time when fighting the very last mission on the Collector's station. I just had to think of these pictures each the time I heard quotes like "Assuming direct control." "If I must tear you apart Shepard ("mother"), I will." etc. Quite frankly, it's a wonder we made it.

The ending was really cool and I totally enjoyed the opportunity to slap Cerberus in the face. All that work I did for them, the Illusive Man ensuring me that I was allowed to do as I deemed right because I was the only one he could trust to have a chance on stopping the Collectors... and in the end it turned out he just saw me as a puppet. Well, he was wrong. No, I'm not giving a collector station full of creepy turn-biomass-into-mindless-controlled-machines technology to you! Regardless of what creepy things you'd do with it, has it even occurred to you that there are still thousands of Reapers out there - and what will they do if they realize the ship is still there? Sigh. Nevertheless, it felt great to just say "In your face!" and fly off with the Normandy.

Now it's up to Mass Effect 3 to find out what happens next!

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