Saturday, 19 May 2012

ME 3: Fish defying the laws of physics

(Did you notice how I resisted writing "fishics: there? Good, uh?) So I'm back on the Normandy now and I'm handling my new appearance quite well. I guess all the Reapers and Cerberus terrorists got me distracted from important matters such as my haircut and the shape of my eyebrows. I must admit that I did succumb to plastic surgery (read: save editor) to get rid of those horrific pink lips of ME 3. Red suits me better. I fit in well now and feel at home again. I even managed to get some of my old fish back in my cabin's aquarium, and I picked up some new ones at the Citadel. The jellyfish are my favorite!

Now I've noticed something fishy (sorry!) about my fish, though. It happened for the first time when Liara visited my cabin for a pep talk. You'd think the screenshot above is just a nice picture of Liara, right? Check again, specifically left of Liara's face. Yes, that's a fish spying on us! At first I thought I was dreaming, but apparently my fish get bored by their aquarium now and then and decide to leave, defying the laws of physics as if it's nothing. Apparently they preferably float freely through my cabin when I'm not watching (picture below). I'm certain they didn't used to do this before. What happened during those six weeks when I was grounded on Earth? Did someone upgrade them with Reaper technology? Did Cerberus equip them with implants so they can gather intel on me during my mission? There's a lot of creepy stuff out there in the universe, but the creepiest of all lives in my cabin!

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