Friday, 5 July 2013

ABC8: Meditational trip

Dear diary,

As I told you yesterday, I will go off for a few weeks. Mostly to meditate in the woods (singing to trees and such) and perhaps to visit some archaeological sites (but not Haudh Iarchith, I've had enough of that place, depicted to the right), you know the drill.

I need some time to think about my life, so I will be silent here for a while.

Enjoy your rest, I will be back!


Thursday, 4 July 2013

ABC7: Lotromance

Dear diary, I know that I've been more quiet than planned. So much has been going on these past weeks. I have spent a lot of time in the world with the force and I have not seen Middle-earth for weeks. It's strange.

I need some time alone, I need a holiday. But before I go, there are still some stories I promised to tell you. The first is the story of Fingolwë Astaldo and Ravanel Griffon (yes, that's me). 

You must know that I have traveled a lot in my life, visiting places I had not been before. I have always been curious, even for an Elf. At first, I studied the herbs and wildlife in what now is called Lothlórien, and soon I made travels to other regions as well. Meeting other people, I became interested in their history and eventually in that of other Elves as well. You see, when the Elves travelled to the west I was just a child and my family stayed behind. I had never left Middle-earth and was intrigued by those who had. Eventually, fate brought me to the hidden town of Gondolin.

The following fragment describing our first meeting is not written by me, but by a dear friend. It is the kind of literature that typically can be found at Elven grocery stores near the checkout:
In the year of F.A. 471, a Nandorin scholar by the name of Ravanel came to Gondolin in the autumn, seeking to study the history of Arda. She was very interested in the Noldorin people and their struggle against the Orcs. She was advised to speak to Fingolwë, for he had seen the light of the Trees of Aman, and had fought in the front lines of the battles of Beleriand. Fingolwë took delight in telling her of Valinor, of the Silmarils and the splendour of Tirion. Ravanel hearkened to his stories, and would also ask many questions about the Valar, about Telperion and Laurelin (for she also took delight in the study of things which grow) and the Wars of Beleriand. 

Ravanel was unlike any other elves Fingolwë had met, at least in his eyes. Calm, beautiful to behold, and with a desire to learn about her past and her ancestry, a desire that he shared. The sundering of the elves was long past, and talking to Ravanel was like meeting a long lost relative for the first time. Having Telerin (and to a lesser degree, Vanyarin) heritage, she in turn was very interested to hear about the Noldor, who she had not encountered before. Having adapted his tounge to that of the Sindar after the shunning of Quenya by Thingol, Fingolwë and Ravanel had no great difficulties speaking to each other. However, Ravanel was curious about the High Speech, and the Tengwar runes that were used to write it. She asked Fingolwë to teach her the tounge of the Valar, and she mastered it swiftly. Talking and studying together, Fingolwë started to find similarities in Ravanel, despite being seemingly different from himself at first. She appeared to show an unexpected interest in him and would listen to his stories for hours. When they were spending time in the library, he found himself feeling strangely detached from his kinsmen, almost as if he was more closely related to Ravanel than to the other Noldor in Gondolin. He remained silent about it, but his perceived connection with her brought him to the library with ever increasing frequency. 

In the year following the coming of Ravanel to Gondolin, Maedhros planned to assault Morgoth with the gathered forces of the Elves and Men in Beleriand. King Turgon had received word of this, and on midsummer he issued from the gates of Gondolin with an army of ten thousand to join the hosts of Maedhros and Fingon. Fingolwë marched, clad in silver and with his blade Angcrist, under the banner of Turgon towards Eithel Sirion. Unceasingly optimistic, it was his custom to speak with his friends during such a journey, but he did not do so that day. Glorfindel found his silence peculiar, and turning to him he said: 'What is the matter, my friend? Thou hast a stern look upon your face that I am not accustomed to. Is something troubling thee?' Then Fingolwë answered: 'Nay, troubled is not the word. But I am not myself; I should be wholly focused on the battle at hand, yet the Nandorin scholar, Ravanel, still occupies my thoughts.'
I do not think I need to tell you more to see how this story ended. Since these days in Gondolin, I have not left Fingolwë's side.

Fingolwë, forever my silver-plated monster-slaying hero.*swoon*

In June, slightly delaying into July, 'the other Ravanel' takes over Ravalation to ponder about her life as an avatar in the light of the Avatar Blogger Challenge (ABC). Above posted story was written by Tiger.