Monday, 29 February 2016

Accuracy in SWTOR

You've made it! All the way to level cap in Star Wars: the Old Republic. If you want to participate in group content, this is where the gear labyrinth starts. One thing that used to puzzle me is why I was told I needed 110% accuracy: surely hitting everything always (100%) is good enough?! Accuracy is an example of know-how information that oldtime players take for granted, but that is less logical to new players. After all, the finesses of the combat system are rarely explained in-game, and not everyone enjoys digging through game fora to track down what other players have discovered.

This motivated me to write a brief overview of how accuracy in SWTOR works and what implications it has on gearing. The goal is to not only let you look up how much accuracy you need for your character, but also to understand why. For this, I will briefly touch the underlying mechanics of how damage is dealt and received in the game. Special thanks goes to Conrad for helping me with the part about accuracy in PvP.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Fashion Friday: consular in classic brown

Look around on the fleet and you'll soon notice that brown is not a popular colour for player characters. Bright colours rule: the more fluorescent, the better. In the movies, jedi wear brown robes, though, and I wanted to stick to that theme for my sage, Ravanel. The brown radiates simplicity and humility: ideals shared by the jedi that I felt resonated with my character. I use this outfit when specced for DPS.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Six times black

It's time for another 6 on 6, or errr.... 10. Oops, I better not make a habit of this! The past weeks have been crazy, resulting in a long blogging silence of a month. Having already missed out on the white edition of 6 on 6 last month, I decided to post this anyway. I will write more about my analogue adventures later this week.