SWTOR blogs

Going Commando Gamers Decrypted Hawtpants of the Old Republic
Imperial Intelligence Gamerlady Fibro Jedi
Galactic Antics Zerneblog Pixelkaffe
Pretty Little Sith The Legacies in SWTOR Xam Xam Says

SWTOR but not blogs

Asylum (guild) PC Gamer Mint Imperials (guild) TRE forum (server)
The Cat & The Coffee Drinker (comic) Imperial Entanglements (comic) SWTOR Network
Ominous (stream) Tank stats @ Violent by Design SWTOR Conquest
TOR Decorating TOR Fashion Dulfy

General gaming blogs

Bio Break Blessings of Kings I Have Touched the Sky
Dragons and Whimsy Healing the Masses Atheren's Adventures
Shards of Imagination Parallel Context Tales of the Aggronaut
Star Shadow Thinking Play Tyrannodorkus
Contains Moderate Peril MMO Gypsy Mama Needs Mana
Lair of the Wolf Dragon Murf Versus Casual Aggro
Nerdy Bookahs MMO One Night a Week JVT Workshop
The Brew Hall XP Chronicles Inventory Full
Her Geekery Pizza Maid Me vs Myself and I
Moon's Meadow

Links defying my neat little labels

Vanessa Feminist Frequency The Daedalus Gateway
JP Marshman Monica in Lund De Pepi


Hyperbole and a Half Roll One Hundred Wandering Through Digital Worlds
Adventure! Supergirl of Lórien Stnylan's Musings
Ela's Corner

The force has been known to cause strange thing to happen... if any of the blogs above gets resurrected, let me know in the comments below and I'll categorize them accordingly.

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