Over the course of the past years, I've written some potentially useful posts about SWTOR, LotRO and Skyrim.



  • Check your stats - What stats are important and what do they do? This post is aimed at willpower users (and lore-masters) specifically, but can be of help to any player.

  • Lore-master legendary items - What legacies are must-have for lore-master legendary items? How many items do I need? And should I make a book or a staff from that second age symbol? Handy tips and explanations of choices for lore-masters already familiar with the legendary item system.

  • Bear-tanking - The mechanism explained and fairy tales thrown out of the window once and for all.

  • Should you play a lore-master? - The lore-master characterized for those thinking whether to start playing one. Including a little quiz for existing lore-masters.

  • N.B. Parts of these posts may be outdated due to in-game updates and expansions. Check the date of the post and decide for yourself.


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