Below you'll find some free in-game goodies; click on the pictures to acquire them. I've personally tested all of these, so they should work. If you do run into trouble, let me know in the comments below and I'll see what I can do. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@Rav_Griffon) if you like free stuff: I regularly retweet geeky giveaways.

SWTOR Freebies

Free stuff you can get in SWTOR:

What: 1 quick travel pass, 5 25% XP boosts, 10 extra inventory slots. For subscribers: 7 days of free subscription, 1 unlock item for inventory modules, 1 unlock item for an additional crew skill slot (max 3), 1 unlock item to display titles, 1 unlock item to unify colors. Everything per character.
Who: New SWTOR players registering an account through this link & people with a SWTOR account that have subscribed for at least a month
Expiration date: None.

This page was last updated in December 2016.

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