Sunday, 14 October 2012

LOTRO: Almost there

We're almost there! Tomorrow at 12 pm (GMT +1) the servers will go down and the Riders of Rohan expansion will fire off. Luckily I have pre-ordered now, so I should be able to get going as soon as the servers are set free. I've always been impressed by LotRO's environment and vistas, so I'm really looking forward to exploring Rohan. I'm so curious to see what it will look like!

Back in August, when we all thought RoR would be released in September, I made a checklist of things to do before the expansion: On the menu. Let's see how I did:

1) Get virtues up to 14 on Ravalinde (rune-keeper) and Ravenwyn (captain)



Failed, but it was a good effort, especially if you knew the state of my captain's virtues before (zeal on 9 and that sort of painful stuff).

2) Skirmisher deed finished on lore-master Ravanel

I honestly tried and even did my least favourite skirmish, Stand on Amon Sûl, like six times, but kept getting the wrong encounters.


3) Gather iXP runes and guild symbols

In addition to these runes, I got around 40 symbols of various sizes on each of my three level capped characters. I think this counts as completed!

4) Finish the last golden Farmer tier on lore-master Ravanel


5) Take down Saruman

See my post Turn of the tide: Completed!

Total: 3/5, not too bad for a lazy elf like me!

The next goal

This was to get all ToO Challenges done, but we haven't managed that yet. My kin's achievement in RoI:

Lightning T2 + CM - Acid T2 + CM - Fire & Frost T2 - Shadow T2 - Saruman T2

I was at all the takedowns save the Shadow one. It's a pity we didn't get to do all the Challenge modes, but still I'm extremely proud of my kinship to have achieved so much in such a difficult raid. It was so much fun to work out all the fights and to grow. It's a good memory to look back at.

Tonight we'll go back in there, to the, as the event description reads, "only raid to ever defeat Asylum" for the last time and show our teeth. I can't wait! 


  1. Yay Ravanel! 3/5 isn't bad at all! If you were a soccer player, scoring on 3 out of 5 kicks would make you a hero! lol.

    Counting the hours...

    1. Hehe, only thing is, if I'd be a soccer player, that would've been 0/5. Still happy with my score, though. :)

  2. My alliance had a final go last night at our last challenge: Saruman T2 challenge. It was not to be though and this is the first raid to have defeated them. It definitely was a tough one!

    1. That's so awesome!

      I was very disappointed myself, as I was hoping for some final hardcore challenge go myself that evening (as I wrote), but when I logged on, most of my kinnies wanted to do something easy, T1 or so. We did Lightning T2 and we had too many signups, so I left them to spend the rest of their evening doing T1. Still can't believe what happened there, I really can't see any T1 anymore myself (soooo boring).

  3. OHH EMM GEE! look at your counter: 0 - 0 - 0 - 0!! Will we ever hear from you again??? Will you be lost in Rohan?

    BTW, that top pix is amazing!

  4. Lost in Rohan? More like, Lost in Homework, I fear. :S Don't worry, I'll still pop up in iRez and here once in a while. :)


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