Tuesday, 5 March 2013

KOTOR 2: I'm a saint

To the left: Dark Jedi Robe; to the right: Zeison Sha Warrior Armor

So what's new? First the important news: I got two new outfits! To the left the improved version of the Dark Jedi Padawan robe, of which the main feature seemed to be that is was larger. It actually was too big: my hands were covered by the sleeves and I was in constant danger of stumbling over - but luckily you don't see it on the picture. The outfit to the right had better stats and an interesting look. The flap thing behind her butt is metallic if you look from behind. It was fun for a change, but I was hoping to find a more robey thing in the future.

Playing the good guy

I'm also already so light-sided that I'm almost floating around. I was talking about it the other day with Rakuno, and we both seem to be of the type of player that gets a headache when trying to play the evil guy in our first playthrough of a game. As he put it eloquently: "On the second (or further) playthrough then I go through the evil path. But by then it is more a sadistic experiment to see how much my choices the first time around mattered than anything else." Somehow, we always end up playing the good guy in my first playthrough.

To be honest, I myself rarely play a second, 'evil' playthrough. Playing evil makes me feel conflicted, and I can bear it only for so long. This is the reason I play the Republic side in SWTOR, even though the Imperial side has many much better-looking cosmetics (!). Even on the 'good' Republic side, there are times that I play a not totally light sided character, and then there's always that slight hesitation before I dare press the dark side button. The other way around, while you can even choose to roleplay a 'good guy' on the Imperial side, the social structure, polluted surroundings and general misery of people around you makes me feel so depressed that I can't bear to play there all the time. Still, I bravely do try to play my sinister Yuniper from time to time to find out how the story continues (as opposed to my five republic characters that I play regularly).

Have Rakuno and I both contracted the good-guy-disease? And if so, is it widespread? Either way, I must be a terrible person to live together with, I'm such a saint. Thank you, Tiger, for keeping up with me!

And finally, I found some robes that fit my saint character: to the left the traditional Jedi Robe, to the right Sylvar's Robe from the Tomb of Freedon Nadd. The latter has the superior stats, but I'm not really a fan of the part that makes her look like a man, if you check the right spot. Tiger makes me wear it, though! Cosmetics vs higher stats, sigh... almost as bad as playing the evil side!


  1. hmm yes - no matter how hard I try I cannot play an evil character... the best I can manage is a sort of sulky teenager *grumble grumble, slam doors, bit of drama-queening and some backchat* and then go and do what I'm told / the right thing....

    so yeah, I can totally relate ;)

  2. Despite the goodie two-shoes being always my first choice (since it is more natural to me) I can usually play the evil side without an issue though. Well, only after the first play through tough. Because by then I already had a chance to get to know my companions and the world. It is hard to get to know people when you are a jerk to them or betraying them at the first opportunity. >_> <_<

    Some times it can be quite vindictive too, specially if it is a game where the NPCs are really idiotic and will make you do the most stupid things. The only thing that can stop me from playing an evil character is that by the second time I am already tired of playing the game or if I feel bad about it (which I can only remember happening once and I stopped playing the game for other reasons).

    So I guess that makes me not so much of a saint and more like a... story explorer, I guess. Since that is usually my motivation to play both sides. I just want to see what happens if I pick the other choice and how flexible the game world is to my actions. :)

  3. Pretty outfits. :) Especially the Zeison Sha Warrior Armor.

    I'm the same, I usually play a good guy. Both Dragon Age games, now Mass Effect.. I just can't be a jerk. I only sorta liked playing on creep side in Lotro. Always felt wrong to be nomming Hobbits and elves on my warg. :P

    But the bit I tried of Swtor was different. I found the Republic side to be bland if you were playing a good guy. I felt horrible turning in those two lovers at the very beginning of the game. In some ways the light side of the Jedi order isn't always so kind. But anyway, I had a lot more fun on the Imperial side playing my Sith Inquisitor. She skirted the line of being completely evil, like she didn't torture people. :P But all in all the dialogue was more interesting in my opinion. That said, I only got to level 20. :P

  4. Whooo, I think we can safely state that we all suffer from the good guy-syndrome, but Rakuno just contracted a less grave version!

  5. I too had difficulty with the dark side... until I figured out there are enough selfish decision trees to get to full dark without actually having to make kill the innocent type decisions.

    Played all the way through both, and while I really enjoyed being a maxed out consular, there was something deeply satisfying about force lightning and crush... :)

    1. Haha, I already feel bad if I pick 'selfish decisions', but I'm training myself to do less so by playing my smuggler. ;)

      I agree that it is a bit boring in a way to always play the sainty character and I'm enjoying sporadically playing other storylines such as that of my sorcerer. On her I went for healing in warzones to ease the conscience, though. ^^


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