Monday, 13 January 2014

LOTRO: Belated wishes

This is the Christmas card I sent in December to friends and family while I was too absorbed with studying to spare some time to read and write blogs. On real photo paper, yes, I am that old fashioned.

What, you don't read Elvish? No worries, the text is plain English, merely written with Tengwar signs. You can find some help here

The best reaction was from a male friend: "You always say K. and I are such nerds (NB their favorite topic in my vicinity seems to be the Ubuntu operating system), but at least we don't send our friends Christmas cards with our in-game characters!"

Jokes aside, I'm having a bit more fun in games again and I have even felt the urge to make some posts, so you can expect some to follow this month. I'm hoping for a better year to come (from a personal viewpoint it's hard to beat the depths of 2013, but let's not tempt fate), with lots of games, discoveries, creative posts, comments and new friends. All the best for 2014!


  1. Yay! More Ravalation! Glad to see another post of yours. :)

    Anyway, that is a pretty cool (no pun intented) picture. And my virtual hat is off to you for printing it out (in photograph paper no less!) and sending it as a postcard.

    Also, thumbs up to your friends for using Linux (Ubuntu is a Linux distribution). Anyone who uses Linux gets my respect automatically.

    Here is looking for more posts from you in 2014 and wishing you all the best. :)

    ~ Rakuno

  2. I second Rakuno's sentiment! Was actually wondering what happened to you... till today. Looking forward to more Ravalation! :D

    1. Thank you both for you kind replies!

      *looks at evil twin sister Ravalinde*

      What is she doing there?
      *writes note in Evil Book of Blackmail and Infiltration under the R: "is easily impressed by revealed Linux skills".*


  3. I didn't know 2013 was so hard on you.

    Sílo Anor bo men lín!

  4. "On 'real' photo paper" -- You're insane!! Oh well, at least it's a great photo!

    BTW I, uh, *finally* "printed" our iRez family card featuring YOUR Elvish self!!

    That was so great that you made it into (dreaded) SL! It was really nice to have a few hours to hang out with you. Ha! I guess it wasn't exactly "hanging out" like BSing over beers or coffee -- more like maniacal shopping! Still, in a single day you managed to create a wonderful avatar that I think came reasonably close to your vision of yourself in another world.

    Speaking of Field Trips, now that you've visited SL, it's really way past time for you to lead some of us on a field trip to LOTRO or another world of your choice. Can we do this in the 1st quarter of 2014? I'd really love that. It's now been ages since Ironyca led us on the legendary Field Trip to WoW! What a great experience that was:

    IDK how busy you are ATM, but I'm happy to organize a field trip with whoever's interested. It seems like Saturday's at 10am California Time / 18:00 GMT / 19:00 CET is best for the most people in our circles. If you want to pick the world, LOTRO or other, and maybe a date in Feb or Mar that you could do, I can shake the participant tree and see who falls out.

    Have a lovely 2014 Rav! It's so wonderful to know you!


    1. The iRez 'family card' look amazing! So awesome!

      I really enjoyed my time in SL so much! The maniacal shopping was hilarious, and I hope I made the lack of hanging out up by staying around a bit after the photo shoot.

      I made some screenies (who are way not as cool as yours btw, I'm such an SL newbie still!) and have been planning to write something about my SL experience for ages, but you just helped me remember. Wrote it now. I hope to tell you what it was like as a newbie, maybe even remember your own first steps into that world. :)

      I'll look for dates in Feb/March that work and we'll just do that same time again then. The only thing that I have not decided on is the game. Games are different than SL in the fact that they steer your experience, limiting where you can go by levels and quests done. I think LotRO gives the best experience for traveling, seeing different areas etc, but the starting places are pretty deserted right now, especially on my not so-populated server. I think Star Wars gives the best gaming experience with great visual effects and immersive quests with cutscenes. You'd have to do more things in order to get to see other parts of the world, but it is very accessible and fun to do things together in a team.

      This all probably doesn't make much sense to you at all. They could both work and both give a very different experience. Maybe I should just let you girls choose. ;)

      Happy New Year to you as well!


    2. How about 22 Feb, or 1 Mar, or 8 Mar? And let's go for LOTRO. We can always do SWTOR a little while later.

      BTW, if you want to come back to SL sometime, Izzy's opened a "Treadmill Gym" where you can work off those extra kilos in VR, and optionally IRL too. She's got events coming up on 15 Feb, and again on 15 Mar:


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