Friday, 26 February 2016

Fashion Friday: consular in classic brown

Look around on the fleet and you'll soon notice that brown is not a popular colour for player characters. Bright colours rule: the more fluorescent, the better. In the movies, jedi wear brown robes, though, and I wanted to stick to that theme for my sage, Ravanel. The brown radiates simplicity and humility: ideals shared by the jedi that I felt resonated with my character. I use this outfit when specced for DPS.

Unfortunately, there are no jedi robes just like in the Star Wars movies in the game. I guess this is because it is set in another, older era. Although jedi robes similar to those of the movies were present in the Knights of the Old Republic games, which take place before the MMO. Just fashion, I guess, nobody can explain its evolution!

Star Wars: the Old Republic does have a set of consular robes that give the jedi feel, even though they look different. I like about these that they did not have hoods. Even though hoods are a very jedi thing, I like to show my character's face and hair.

The set

Mira's Headband (L1 adaptive, cartel market) (unify colours)
Force Magister's Robe (L45 light armour, consular, random world drop)
Ulic Qel-Droma's Gloves (L1 adaptive, cartel market) (unify colours)
Verpine Force-healer's MK-1 Sash  (L60 light armour, obsolete raid gear)
Force Perception Legwraps (L33 light armour, random world drop) (unify colours)
Verpine Force-healer's MK-1 Boots (L60 light armour, obsolete raid gear)
Verpine Force-healer's MK-2 Cuffs (L60 light armour, obsolete raid gear)


I got the Verpine Force-healer's gear in Terror From Beyond and Scum and Villainy HM when they were first released. Many old commendation gear shares their appearance, for example the Underworld Force-Master's Sash and the Conqueror Force-Master's Sash. However, if you didn't get your hands on one back in the day, there's a cartel market alternative: the Skilled Hunter Belt.

Typical for the skirt is its vertical stripe. When using the unify colours option, the stripe turns pale yellow, giving the impression that the top and skirt are actually one piece, merely divided to the eye by the belt (see middle picture below). If you don't care about this, you can of course go for any skirt that matches the top with unify colours.

You barely see the boots on this outfit, so anything brown (or brown with unify colours) will do. The cuffs do show, due to the partly look-through nature of the gloves. I chose leather cuffs to match the brown of the robe and Mira's leather headband. 

If you look closely, you'll notice that the robe has patterned decorative strips in red and purple at the back and lower front. These add a little bit of colour to the outfit. If you want to look more colourful, dyeing the robe red or purple will fit those decorations perfectly - I only refrained from it myself since I wanted to go for the brown jedi look and already had other characters wearing red and purple.

Do you dig the original consular robes in Star Wars: the Old Republic? Or do you usually turn to the cartel market for your outfits?


  1. Yeah it is still my favorite jedi robe ^^. Ofcourse I had to make it red :). I am still glad that you showed me this robe <3.

    1. I love how our sages are wearing the same dress, but with different colours. Our characters look like sage sisters! :D

  2. She looks great! I had my Consular dressed in brown as well, though she's still in her 20s. 😄

  3. Looks good! I especially like the way the gloves work with it, and I do think brown is underappreciated as a colour for Jedi especially. The other day I saw someone on the fleet who I thought wore an amazingly understated-looking but great outfit - I inspected him and it was all whites!

    My lowbie Sage wears a similar robe as Rav (might be the same model actually, not sure - Introspection Vestments?), died in dark blue and light brown. (Pic here - though the lower half doesn't really match well, I should probably do something about that. :P)

    1. My shadow is wearing the robe you linked to as one of her DPS outfits! It has a similar base model to the Force Magister's Robe, but the details are different (check the shoulders, the vertical strips at the back, the front flap thingy etc). I've collected all different types of "jedi robes" (of which some only vary in colour), but haven't found one that's the same as the Force Magister's Robe yet - so I think it's unique.

      The lower half of your lowbie sage's outfit may not match the robe, but at least it matches the hair! ;) You cannot go wrong with these robes on consulars; they simply look great.

      Shintar's pretty lowbie sage:

  4. I tend to hang onto low-mid level robes as long as possible. For instance, the only reason why I ditched my Inquisitor's Athiss robes was because it became more practical (aka cheaper) to use a completely new set of gear once I got to Rishi.

    I still miss the basic black robes on a pureblood Sith, however...

    1. Oh, those worries we had before the introduction of the ♥ outfit designer ♥... Are you not using it because of extreme RP reasons (wanting to actually wear the outfit you're showing) or is it a F2P thing?

      And I agree, the outfits for sith in this game are downright weird. The suitable black robes I know of are all from the cartel market.

    2. Actually, I've never had the time to use the outfit designer. It frequently comes down to "I've got an hour to play, what's the highest priority?"

      Also, I should freely admit that I'm kind of lousy at decorating/designing. I have a house in several MMOs, but I've hardly ever decorated it. I just don't have the touch that says "yeah, this could go here and that goes there and we need XXX over there on that wall...." My logical brain keeps me from seeing the possibilities.

    3. If it helps, SWTOR's outfit designer practically works the same as LOTRO's. You can just drag and drop your cherished low-mid level robes in the appropriate slot of your outfit tabs. Only difference is that it costs some money, but it's not much. The systems look so much alike that I wouldn't be surprised if the devs were inspired by LOTRO for its design (or any other MMO that works like that and I may not know about).

    4. Oh, I'm bad. I haven't done LOTRO's either. :-)


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