Thursday, 29 March 2012

LOTRO: Enjoying the morning sun

On the picture, it looks like the elf is closing her eyes, enjoying what little sunlight shines upon her face in the Rushgore. The sky turns turquoise and there is finally no sign of the eerie white-glowy fog that normally characterizes the area.

Latest outfit

My lore-master is wearing her newest outfit, composed of various drop items and quest rewards that fit well together - simple, but nice. It started when I got the chest piece from a Stangard quest. Many of those quest rewards recycle old Shadows of Angmar cosmetics, but this one struck me, because I had not seen it before. You must know that I hold a collection of these oldschool chest pieces in my vault, and this one was not there! It must have already existed, since it quite clearly shows an Annúminas star on the chest. I soon decided I needed to add this one to my collection, and started to look for possible combinations.

The green and yellow parts of the chest piece cannot be dyed, so I started of with the legs in pink, as that was the original colour of the chest piece. I like how the squares of the chest piece continue in the upper part of the trousers, only divided by the belt. The pink fitted well with the turquoise, but I had to endure regular squints of my boyfriend, saying: "oh god, you look sooo girly!" He did not reply to my response that I am a girl. Now this might have been a weak moment, but realizing that the vast majority of this game consists of members of the male gender that might all think the same when I parade through their screen, I changed the colours to the more formal burgundy, and I'm quite happy with it such as it is.

I especially enjoy this outfit when questing in the Rushgore - which I have done a lot lately - and then even more so while riding the Theodred's Riders steed. The horse and burgundy colours of the outfit tend to blend in with the reed, and the turquoise with the sky. I like the horse because it is simple, just like the outfit, but has a beautiful skin colour and a saddle with squares that fit the chest and leg pieces.

Now 'Outfit of the Morning Sun', as I called this one, might sound a bit strange, seeing the chest piece features a star. Remember those similar shaped Annúminas stars hanging from the ceiling of that particular instance, though? You had to open the curtains so the sunlight would fall inside and the evil spirits would become vulnerable. That's where my inspiration came from.

To the left the view one enjoys most of the time - the view of your character's but, basically. I keep staring at the cloak: it's just a bit boring. Sure, the colours are good, but I would have liked one with stars at the back. I could not find any unhooded ones to my liking, though. Let me know if you have an idea!

   Outfit of the Morning Sun   


  1. That looks amazing, Rava :) And tell your minion that it's perfectly okay to wear pink, end of discussion ;)

  2. Haha, thank you! That made me smile.

  3. The English idiom is: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. xxx


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