Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A New Beginning

This is it. I'm still searching for all the buttons in this complicated thing called blogging. I'm mostly just writing this post because I want to find out how to change the background colour for it. But it all doesn't matter. I am writing, and I'm actually writing my very first blog.

Why Ravalation? It probably occurs to you that this word has similarities to an already existing word. Perhaps the writer is dyslectic, a fail speller. Or she is suffering from megalomania, believing each message she sends into the world will be an eye-opener to all who's gaze fall upon it. Or she simply thought it sounded better than 'Small corner of the huge world that is called the internet where I can direct all my futile thoughts nobody is interested in'. For you to decide.

Anyway. First post about to be sent into the big scary world. Breathe. Publish. Test.


  1. I already like your style of writing! I have the same feelings about blogging :P (which is why I slack on making posts even though I think about it often.) Definitely following! :)

    1. Thanks! Please do make sure to write some new posts soon: there are these weird curious persons out there that actually enjoy reading what people similar to themselves are up to. I for one will certainly read them. ;)


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