Friday, 22 June 2012

SWTOR: Ravanel on Nightmare Lands

Shouldn't that be "Ravanel in the Nightmare Lands"? Nope. Nightmare Lands is a server name in Star Wars, and specifically, it is the server I was told to transfer to from Frostclaw. It is also a great name, because the Nightmare lands are situated on the Wookie planet Kashyyyk (I love those three 'y's'), which was one of my favorite planets in the game Knights of the Old Republic. Am I not a bit late with tranferring? Hasn't everyone done that already? Nope again. I got an e-mail just a few days ago telling me that I was "available for transfer", so they apparently organized a second wave of server transfers. Now the good thing was that I was already feeling like a veteran at server transfers because I had been reading so much about it on other blogs. So we quite professionally ran off to quickly create some placeholder characters on our new server to assure our names weren't taken. I was really happy when I found mine were all still available. I really can't imagine what I would've done if "Ravanel" would've been taken: it's my most used character name that feels the most like 'me'. My boyfriend was less lucky, I think he had to rename two of his nine characters, but I guess that could've been a lot worse.

When I transferred Ravanel and had to pick a legacy name, I found that Griffon was already taken. All workable options, such as Griffin, Gryphon etc were also already taken. So I had to settle for "Gryffin". It sounds as if I really didn't know how to spell "Griffon", aargh. I'm Griffon, not Gryffin!

I suppose I'll get used to it... Eventually... At least there was still some kind of same-looking name available.

When transferred, I felt like a little girl who walks into a big town for the first time of her life. There were so many people on! I might also have felt a bit lost because my friends have stopped playing SWTOR, including most of my old kinnies from LotRO who tried out the game for a while. My boyfriend and I are almost level 50 now and already have a guild in mind to apply to. I hope we find a good home soon, because playing on your own in an MMO feels a bit lonely. I also can't wait to explore end-game! Exciting times are ahead.


  1. I still haven't chosen my new legacy name. My name on my old server was Ambera Mist (hehehe). Unsurprisingly, "Ambera" was taken, so I went with Ambermist. That means I need a whole new legacy name. I loved the idea of Ambermist Sky, but I wasn't surprised to see that it was taken.

    I'm still working on it!

    And yeah, man, I logged into the new server, and there were 3 instances of the fleet. I boggled.

    1. I can so imagine you took some extra time for that! Perhaps I should have done the same myself... I can't really think of anything better, though. Especially in your case, since you got a whole new first name! (Although you luckily do sound happy with it.)

      Let's hope the happy buzzing of people around will stay a while. :)


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