Wednesday, 12 September 2012

LOTRO: A wild perlino appears!

I must have been as baffled as Ravanel looks on the picture above when I opened my mail and found a code for a perlino steed from my friend Danania. After leaving jealous commentary about her beautiful perlino steed pictures on Raining Perlinos, she arranged to give away one to me, just like that! Thanks, Supergirl! It was a very kind thing of you to do, and it makes me double as happy with my steed.

After my initial cheers faded, the hard job began: what to wear when riding my new perlino? It had to be something cheerful, because 1. the horse looks happy and 2. for some weird reason "perlino" makes me think of "praline" easter eggs, and those make me happy as well (badly hidden pro-tip for Tiger). Shows how much I know about horses (not so much): apparently "perlino" is about the cream colour of the horse's coat...

I always make sure the colours of my outfit match those of the steed and I had none in stock that would do. So a lot of ctrl + left mouse click followed, combined with a lot of grumbling because no chest piece would dye the same colour as the fabric on the horse's butt. But then I found it: the elven faction dress dyed navy gave the correct colour on top! Combined with Twisttongue's Cloak dyed red and the Turquoise Summer Circlet (note how the drop of the circlet fits with the red drop decorations on the horse) I looked like the princess version of Supergirl!

     Princess Supergirl Outfit     

I'd like to give a special thanks for the knight in hunter's armour, Memyr, who returned from PAX 2012 with an extra steed that he kindly gave away... to a total stranger (me)! It is these nice actions by players or bloggers that brighten my day. I will ride my perlino through Middle-earth with pride.


  1. You make that steed look good! He does look happy! lol

    Thanks for the wiki education. I figured Perlino might be a color or type but never looked it up. (I would bet 20 silver that the PAX 2013 steed is a Palomino, lol.)

    You are very welcome! And as Memyr, our PAX knight in hunter's armor said, "enjoy your new steed". He is as nice as he seems. :D

  2. Ha, seeing the pics before reading, I had to recheck that I was Ravalation and not Supergirl of Lorien. Great job.


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