Sunday, 30 September 2012

LOTRO: Rohirrim in disguise

With only two weeks left before the expansion, I felt it really was time to pre-order Riders of Rohan. I had considered all the ins and outs already in an earlier post (Riders of Rohan Legendary Edition) and decided that it was okay for me to stick with the cheapest version - after all, I really just don't have that much money. The only thing I care about that I'd miss was the Rohan outfit, which looks okay, but I can live without it. I had enough TP to buy the sixth bag in-game after the expansion. 

I was about to buy it, but had to go buy groceries first before the shops would close. When I returned, I noticed an e-mail from the bank. A person called Tiger had gifted me the total amount needed for the Legendary Edition! I didn't really know what to say, apart from that my boyfriend really is too nice for me. I really was okay with the hobo pre-order package, but Tiger said that my captain should really have the Rohirric outfit, coming from Rohan originally. And of course I was really glad with the Legendary Edition, and had to roam the edges of Rohan wearing my new outfit!

I first checked up with my Rohirrim friends in Forthbrond. Can you detect Ravenwyn?

Here I am preparing for our trip. If you're a lucky Rohirrim, you apparently get someone else to scrub your horse for you. I'm jealous!

Then it was time to join the Rohirrim in their favourite activity: slaying Dunlendings.

After a half an hour photoshoot it was enough. I have completed everything I really wanted before the expansion by now, so I'm ready for Rohan. Bring it on!


  1. Yay Ravhirrim!
    That Tiger must luurrve you. ;)

    You need to go do the Horsing Around quests! It's fun to be a Horsie. :D

    1. Will do! I secretly started on Ravanel already. :)

  2. Skyrim... tick...
    Star Wars... tick
    Great blog. Just finished the Legacy of the Force series.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, it's always nice to hear other people appreciating your blog. And wow, you must be much more knowledgeable about the world of Star Wars than I now. I merely write about my adventures and impressions just for the fun of it. Feel free to follow my blog if you really do like it, that would be awesome!


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