Wednesday, 23 January 2013

LOTRO: Captain of the Wold

While we are riding around in Rohan, I thought it fitting to make a Rohirric outfit for my captain, lore-wise supposed to be from Rohan herself. It wasn't to be a shiny outfit, but a practical and sturdy one that would suit the needs of a warrior on horse, roaming the fields to get rid of invading orcs. Thus the following photoshoot with captain Ravenwyn. Enjoy!

Uhm okay, now the orc is in pursuit of me, which is sort of the wrong way around but err... shit happens. Either way, I wanted to use at least one of the new pieces that came with Rohan, and I wanted the colours to feel natural, so she would blend in a bit with the background. No use running around in orange, shouting for attention while there's true danger lurking out there.

Off-topic: did any of you notice how all war-steed manes changed to crème? They used to dye with the tail, but now they don't anymore. It's as if all my steeds became of old age all of a sudden!

Here you can see the outfit from up close. Most of the pieces are from Rohan, but two are actually Dunlending from origin. This might seem strange for a captain from Rohan to wear, but let's pretend they are trophies. I called the outfit "Captain of the Wold" because of the emblem on the chest piece.

       Captain of the Wold       

The padded mantle and breastplate are quest rewards, but there are multiple rewards with the same appearance: you don't need to complete specifically that one quest. The other pieces are crafted, apart from the cloak and the circlet, which came respectively with the Rohan and the Rise of Isengard pre-order.

The only thing I might not like about this outfit is that the boots seem to stand out a bit. A good alternative would be Strang-fótas, dyed ranger green.


  1. I've had the mane/tail bug too - i think its a bug anyway. I found that after a couple of days of it being mismatched, I dyed the mane and tail to the default colour, applied, then redyed to the colour i wanted and it worked. Dimzad has had same bug and this didn't work for him... but you never know! Hope it sorts out for you :)

    1. Oh no, I thought everyone had that mane/tail bug, but if it's just me... I tried returning to default color and back already, and relogging too of course, but it's still the same. I guess I'll have to /bug it and hope they'll ever take the time to fix it. I know I'm whiny, but it's messing up all my war-steed screenshots!

  2. Great outfit. This is one of the things I love about LotRO, from afar: outfits look good and practical. And since green is my favorite color it makes me like this particular piece even more. :)

    As Suzita said, it does look to be a bug. I guess someone was tweaking something on the manes and things went to live by accident. Hopefully they will fix it soon.

    ~ Rakuno

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I thought people might just find it 'dull' (especially since ranger green is not many's favourite), but I like the way they're going the latest expansions with more realistic gear appearances as well. :)


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