Wednesday, 16 January 2013

SWTOR: Quiet times

The most interesting report I can offer today is that I've been leveling my Gunslinger Y'uno little bit during the day on Coruscant, on Tiger's computer while he was at work. Originally, I meant her to be called Yuno, but the name was taken, and she ended up with Y'uno. I thought that sounded okay, she is a Twi'lek after all. With the last server transfer to the Red Eclipse, even Y'uno appeared to be taken, though. Now the poor girl is actually cryptically called Y-u'no. I'll refer to her as Y'uno here anyway.

It's a quiet time in the gaming world for me these weeks. First, the gaming laptop decided it would repeatedly show black screens when it would reach 60 ºC when we were on holiday in Sweden. We had to send it back to the factory. This means there is only one computer at home that can play Star Wars, so no flashpoints, raids or looking for our HK-parts together for Tiger and I. Secondly, my Mac is performing worse and worse at LotRO, so it becomes hard to do instances and raids without the laptop. On top of that, Tiger's burglar does so much DPS that he has driven the tanks of our kinship into despair. This means no raiding in LotRO either.

So basically I spend the evening jealously watching Tiger play lowbie PvP in Star Wars or playing Civilization with his online friends, while I rebuild Hythbold or something. Quite frankly, I'm bored to death. There aren't many other options for me without the gaming laptop, and it suddenly occurs to me how much I've gotten used to a bit of gaming excitement each evening. Is this what people mean when they say games are addictive?


  1. I think it's because we become used to being "active".. well.. mentally at least. I stopped watching TV as much once I started gaming and find I don't want to do a lot of it now. I get a bit restless and feel the need to do something. Personally I've spent enough time alting over the past few years, so I don't really like gaming alone (unless it's a good single player!) Though raiding is super boring in Lotro atm anyway (with dumb added alliance tentions *sigh*), so I've not logged in to Lotro for 2 weeks.

    Anyway, tl;dr, I'm not sure it's so much addiction but being used to having our minds be a bit more active. :)

  2. The only I can suggest to find a Single Player game that will play on your Mac to occupy yourself. Like Lothirieth, I hardly watch any TV anymore, and even then, I am usually surfing the net and/or eating at the same time. Or building Ikea furniture. ><

  3. I'm way with Lothirieth 'n Rowan! Television is... well... I won't say it's "evil"... I'll just say that of all the things I've ever given hours of my life over to, it had one of the lower rates of return on investment.

    As for gamer grrls with fried laptops... oh... oh... *sniffle*... is there anything sadder? :(

    I fried a GeForce card in a Mac desktop and another in an HP laptop. I like beefier machines now. With big fans. You know for anything 2D, web pages, Photoshop with dozens of layers, even rendering a zillion video frames, your graphics card really doesn't have to do much for that stuff. But when you enter a 3D virtual world, and every twitch of your finger rotates the world or moves your avatar so that the transparency in your hair is occluding and revealing different things, and that every polygon in the world is now rotated and translated to a different angle... that's just millions of floating point operations followed by millions of floating point operations... oh well... at least you won't need a hot plate to fry an egg.

    Reading about Y'uno's sad plight I felt the overwhelming need to hear some Bat for Lashes - not all the BF troubles part, just the "What's a Gamer Grrl to Do?" chorus part:

    Hope the laptop comes back SOON!

    Meanwhile your photo totally rocks! Do you happen to have it higher rez? And if you do, might we put it on the iRez home theme slide show?

    Happy, uh, lucky 2013!

    1. Thanks for all the responses, guys! I like the idea about gaming being more 'active' than watching TV. I've actually lived without a TV for 4 years (for no particular reason other than being too lazy to buy a new one) and only recently bought one. There isn't much on that I like anyway, so I don't watch that much. There's the occasional nice documentary, sometimes the news to keep up a bit what happens in the world, and there's a nice music program on Sunday here in the Netherlands. That's about it.

      So yeah, totally addicted to relaxing action! Or something. :)

      @Lothirieth, totally agree on you about the raiding in LotRO. I just log in now and then to mess around a bit with kinnies, since they are good company. I'm sad to hear about alliance struggles, that really sucks. Can take all the enjoyment away. I hope it will be over soon.

      @Rowan, I'm so spoiled, all the single-player games I'd like to play (like Skyrim) don't fit on my pc. My computer is just really old and doesn't have any space. I've been playing a lot of Plants vs Zombies lately (the pc can survive that), but it's not that exciting forever. More something to do in between things. lol @ IKEA furniture, good luck with that!

      @Vanessa, That's an epic video clip. "What's a Gamer Grrrl to Do?", haha! And it's totally awesome that you like the picture. It's pretty boring if you think about it, but I like the colours. It's the stupid Blogger picture thing that compresses it, I have better quality versions of all the pictures on the blog. I'll mail them to you. It's an honour to have them on the iRez slide show!


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