Wednesday, 15 May 2013

SWTOR: Cathar troubles

 Cathar pack in action

Yesterday was a stressing day. There was new content up in both LotRO and SWTOR, and I couldn't play them both at the same time! I decided to log into SWTOR first. Tiger and I had both been longing to roll a Cathar scoundrel (Cathar being the new race released with this update), so we went to create a character. But what should it look like?

Warning: many Cathar pictures incoming. Perhaps it will give some inspiration for creating your own Cathar.

Cathar inspiration

There were some Cathar NPCs in the game already before the expansion:

The motherly fugitive Cathar on Ord Mantell, stealing medicine to tend to the children.

The Imperial Cathar on Makeb (winning the first prize in the cuteness contest, male division).

The Cathar jedi master on Tython, whom you deliver the Fleshraider baby.
(Same appearance as the Taris rebel leader on Imp side.)

Out of these three, I really liked the appearance of the third. I thought the female Cathar looks nice too, but was a bit too skinny. So I decided to try and make a male Cathar and get those nice manes. It would be my first male character.

Creation options

It seems that the manes of the NPC weren't available, though. So I went with what looked the most like it (I don't really like the 'bald' Cathar - Aric Jorgan syndrome), and then there still was lots to choose (with creation codes):

2-2-11-2-1-2-10-2-6-1     &     2-2-5-4-4-3-2-2-2-10

2-2-11-10-2-2-1-2-7-1     &     2-2-11-2-2-2-1-2-6-1

Eventually, I went with the last one because it looked the most like a lion (I called him Liony). While leveling up to level 4, I found him less and less appealing, though. I wasn't sure why I didn't like him at first, because I really did like the face. I think it's because it didn't fit well above the smuggler jacket. It would look much better above a jedi robe, but I hardly need yet another jedi.

So I deleted poor Liony and started over, this time with a female (because the other male hairstyles were all too short for my taste):

2-7-11-2-2-3-3-6-1     &     2-7-11-2-2-10-3-6-1

I made many more than just these two, but these were the ones I had the most trouble choosing between. It became the second one, also called Liony.

Meanwhile, Ord Mantell was crawling with Cathar, which was a funny experience. I played a bit together with Tiger and his friend. We ran into this NPC soldier noob.

"The Cathar are aliens, sort of cat-people that lived nearby."

Oh really? Would you recognize one when it would stand in front of you? Or say, THREE of them?!
Not the same NPC noob, but this was pretty much our appearance in front of the previous one.

This is Tiger's Cathar. By far the character that fits his nickname the best, I think.

I'm still not sure about my Cathar. I think her breasts look a bit too big in the smuggler's jacket (they all do in body type 2). They have the correct size in body type 1, but then you get the anorexia body with it. And I don't really want a super skinny Cathar. And sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have picked the other female face after all.

The winner:

I was really hoping to just make a nice Cathar and have fun with it, but I don't feel totally happy with mine yet. I guess I'll see if I will stick to it or not.

Which one do you like most?

May be continued...


  1. Were you kinda annoyed that the cathar hairdos were for the most part the zabrak hairdos? Because I was!

    1. Yes! And I think that's part of why I felt most didn't really feel like "Cathar".

      I feel a bit dirty using the Zabrak hairstyle on my final Cathar girl, but I couldn't really cope with the other ones (apart from maybe Tiger's, but he already used that one).

  2. There seems to be a pretty serious problem here with female models - they're all so skinny! While I appreciate BioWare's attention to nearly everyone's well-turned behind, it does seem to be pretty hard for people to make women/wo-alian characters that don't look about to snap in two. (A certain someone I know took hours to decide on his lovely demonic Sith chick. :-P ) Even the men are awfully thin on average, but my Consular ended up looking Korean or something, so that's not too bad, hahah.

    1. Body type 4 is pretty fat, really. So fat actually that you can't reach a particular holocron if you're playing a male character (can't get through the gap - not sure if they ever fixed that).

      If I could choose, I'd pick body type 2 with the breasts from body type 1. And sometimes the heads of body type 1 look good as well, but the body is sooo thin. I get scared when I look at the arms, they're like little sticks! So I'm basically saying that more creation options would be good I guess. (Sorry, nothing new here. :P)

  3. What I didn't like was the eyes. On the npcs the cathar have an iris, but the cathar you make in character creation just have pupils. I also agree about the hair-dos.

    1. You're right! I didn't notice it before, but indeed, the eyes are different from those of the older NPCs. I prefer the iris version as well.

  4. I can see the female body type complaints. For my consular I've got a female Twi'lek body type 1 always in robes. Removes the implant look while the robes hide the skin and bones.

    1. Good idea. Don't really want to wear a robe on my smuggler Y-u'no, though. Although the super skinnyness does fit her personal story, so I can live with it there.


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