Wednesday, 12 June 2013

ABC5: Selfperception in a galaxy far, far away

Look at me. Yes, that's me in one of the weird dreams that I keep having lately. This time, I apparently thought it was a good idea to touch some strange radiating relic in the holy temple of a mystical species nobody understands called the Voss. I mean, really? Didn't I remember rule nr. 1 of galactic survival "Don't touch strange glowy objects, especially when in an unfamiliar holy temple of sorts"? (If it hasn't been written yet, it should be.)

As a result, I was thrown backwards all the way through the room. A pretty soft punishment considering. For all I know, I could've gotten trapped in an alternative-universe-within-an-alternative universe! Or wait, that happened to me earlier on already, when I was on some sort of mission to save my master. But apparently I thought it was a good idea to touch another strange glowy object. Okay, fine, so I am no wise lore-master in this world, but does that mean I have to be this retarded?

Another example of my sillyness can be observed on the picture to the right. What am I trying to impersonate here, a turkey? And wait... what am I wearing?

I don't actually wear this robe anymore because of its 'inferior stats' (read: they were too heavy to nimbly move in and the shoulder and arm flaps got stuck behind everything - could have told you that beforehand). Luckily I was never caught wearing the accompanying bananasplit hat. Can you imagine how this outfit is actually in the style of members of the Senate, supposedly the 'wise people' ruling this galaxy?

Eventually someone must have discovered this blight of the galaxy and eradicated all copies for sale, for you cannot obtain this robe anymore. The robe is of a dying race (sorry, had to use the Elf reference there), and that apparently makes me want to keep it in my personal bank forever "just in case" (I want to look like a clown). I told you I am crazy.

Eventually, I found out how to obtain the boons of the relic without getting to see all corners of the room. It involved performing a lot of tasks for the Voss (why does this sound familiar?). Perhaps there is hope for this sage after all.

In June, 'the other Ravanel' takes over Ravalation to ponder about her life as an avatar in the light of the Avatar Blogger Challenge (ABC).


  1. OMG! Lookie but no touchie! How many times do we have to tell you!? :P


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