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LOTRO's Buried Treasure rewards

In my guide to Lord of the Rings Online's Buried Treasure event, or Treasure Hunt, I promised to post some pictures of the rewards. Shortly after, I got carried away taking pictures (no surprise there), so I reckoned I could just as well post them in a new article.

So here is all the stuff I dug up, as well as some thoughts on their visual appeal, bugs, BoA and RNG. You will see that the event has some great items for role-players and fashionistas, especially for dwarves, burglars and jewellers. Why then does lore-master Ravanel look so depressed on the picture above? Scroll down to find out.

The first special item I dug up was this not so fashionable jeweller's helm, here worn by my "chief jeweller", minstrel Ravenwë. I don't know how you feel about it, but man, Karagga's helmet looks like haute couture compared to it (sorry, wrong game)! Perhaps it looks better on dorf characters. Nevertheless, it is a very suitable piece for role-players.

There are also cute rewards, though, such as this treasure chest that goes on a small hook. You can both dig it up or barter for it with tokens. The same goes for the dig-site decoration that you can put in your garden.

The item I was most excited about was the Treasure Hunter's Satchel. Luckily you can just barter it for tokens, so it wasn't long before it was on its way by mail to my burglar, Laceleaf. She loved it! At least, at first. But then she got off her horse...

That clipping! When standing still, the left hand of human (and, presumably, elf and beorning) characters go right through the coin bag. I wouldn't have minded it as much if it would plain have disappeared in it: that would've been funny, as if you're just grabbing some coins. Currently, though, it looks obviously broken. I was disappointed, because I was really looking forward to using it on her.

As the Treasure Hunt is a dwarf themed event, it seems likely that the developers designed the money pouch for a dwarf character and forgot to test it on other races.

Unfortunately, the item seems bugged in another way as well: you cannot dye it through the wardrobe, like rune-keeper satchels. This means you'll need multiple ones if you want it in different colours for various outfits.

Laceleaf was heartbroken. Luckily I had the /coinflip emote for her as a consolation prize.

The pouch found a home with my other burglar, the hobbit Ravil, which uses it in her civilian "off the job" outfit that I made for the occasion. If you think about it, it is only logical for people in Middle-earth to carry around some money during their daily dealings. This makes it a great role-play item for any race and class. I would love to use the pouch on more characters - elves, men and beorning - so I hope the clipping will be fixed some day.

I also had the emote /dowse drop, which I taught to my jeweller, elf minstrel Ravenwë. Not so much because she is a treasure hunter, but because she's the perfectionist type that would spend time swinging a gem from left to right, carefully monitoring how the light bends through it at different angles.

F.l.t.r: Treasure-laden goat, Treasure-laden steed and the Harvest-brew goat. Source: Lotro-wiki

Perhaps the main attraction on the event, though, are the rare mounts. These you can only get through random drops from a huge treasure cache. Three different mounts have a chance to drop, among which the Treasure-laden goat and the Treasure-laden steed (see above)...

...of course I ended up with the ridiculous Cave-claw masked horse instead. The sad thing is that it really doesn't fit my always-so-serious lore-master at all, but it is bound to character when it drops, so I had no choice other than to consume it and learn the skill. I'm happy that most Buried Treasure items are bound to account rather than to character, but I so wish I would've be able to send the mount to another character instead!

Edit: As the sharp-eyed NotACat pointed out, I forgot to mention the purpose of the Domesticated Cave-claw you can buy with tokens at the barter dorf. This isn't a pet that you can summon and release as you please, but rather a temporary pet that disappears after a minute. Consuming the item grants you one random out of six different types of cave-claws. Select your cave-claw and type /hug. If you hug all types, you'll get the title Cave-claw Wrangler. Note that this can be a bit of a grind, because you never know which cave-claw you'll get. I personally skipped it altogether, because I don't have a character I'd like to use the title on.


Overall, I got almost everything I was after, without much effort or grind involved. I would love to have a treasure-laden goat or steed, but I don't think I'll be making an active effort, since the chance to get them is so low and they're bound to character, not account. If the event returns, I will definitely save up tokens for that gorgeous Harvest-brew goat, though.

What treasures did you dig up? Any favourites?

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  1. Great post! It took me two years to find one of the two Treasure-laden mounts (the horse) and I finally reached the right amount of tokens for the Harvest-brew goat the other day! The Cave-claw masked horse is still on my wishlist :)

    1. Two years?! I'm impressed, but, I don't know if I have enough patience to keep at it that long. They are nice, but I also would have to do the event on the correct character. And congratulations on the Harvest-brew goat. It's so beautiful!

      Now I wished the horses weren't bound even more, though. I would totally have given you my cave-claw steed. But there's something nice about finally getting something after a lot of effort, too, so I'll be rooting for you. :)

    2. Yeah, but the event takes place for just 3 days at a time and I don't usually switch alts all the time, so I easily get bored having to wait all those minutes before being able to pick berries again :)

      Aww thanks, I wish the horses weren't bound too!

    3. I'm much the same, actually. Perhaps if there were super cool rewards that I would really really want I would swap between alts. But as it is I just do the quests while being semi-AFK in between (for instance while doing the dishes) and then dig for treasures when I have the time for it. Otherwise it would just start to feel grindy.

  2. I've been wondering what you're supposed to do with a Domesticated Cave-claw.

    I tried setting it loose inside my house, and I wish I'd got a screen-shot: it bounced right into the roof and kind of hung there, with only its paws and snout showing!

    I gather it's not supposed to last very long, but what should I do with the second one I picked up?

    1. …oh, and just to mention, that first picture isn't showing up for me…

    2. The domesticated cave-claws are for a deed, but it's a bit of a grind! There are 6 different types, and which one you get when you consume the item is random. Select your cave-claw and do /hug. If you hug all types, you'll get the title Cave-claw Wrangler. Just realized I should probably have mentioned it in this post - I'll add it.

      And thanks for letting me know the picture didn't work. That was really weird: it showed up fine for me. I've reposted it and it should work now. Let me know if it doesn't!

    3. Oh rats! I knew about the deed and the hugging, but I never figured that you could get different types from that item! I actually managed to get a couple by hugging other people's which appeared at random…oh well, try again next time!

      That image is still appearing as a grey "no entry" sign for me. I wonder whether it's some strange kind of permissions issue.

    4. Hmm. I checked on my boyfriend's monitor and it was fixed there after I changed the image link. Did you refresh your browser cache by pressing F5? Otherwise it might still autoload the old incorrect link.

    5. Oh good, I thought it was only me who couldn't see the first picture...

    6. Nope, I've checked it on a completely different machine and I still get the grey "no entry" symbol.

      Oddly enough, looking at your Google+ stream, the second and third times you posted it there do show that image correctly! Why it's not showing up here on the original post is a mystery to me…

    7. Aaaaaargh. I took the effort to make a pretty banner and now it turns out you guys can't even see it! *deadly glare at Google Photos*

      It's probably a bug with how to embed photo links after Picasa transformed into Google Photos. I've uploaded the picture again and embedded it in another matter. If this doesn't do it, I'm going to stop using the platform altogether for pictures and stick to Imgur. The only reason I'm using Google Photos is because my banners don't show up in Blogger widgets (such as Popular Posts) otherwise.

      Thank you guys so much for taking the time to point this out! If you could let me know if you can see the picture on top of this post now, that would be awesome! Because even when it was broken for you, I could still see it myself, somehow... :)

    8. The picture shows now fine :) Yeah!

    9. Yiii-haaaa!

      Then I've figured out how to avoid the problem in the future. Thanks again, all of you. :)

  3. I think those cave-claws are even uglier that shrews, so no one of those for me. THANK Gandalf there is no horrendous Large Cave-claw :) I still bartered two, they do very nice in AH ;)

    My fav's are the Rich! emote, and the coinflip. Missed chance however Turbine, how cool would it be if it shows Head or Tails.

    The /dowse is fun if you are waiting somewhere. Just to show you are bored.

    Only thing I still want is the mount. I stopped collecting mounts, I have way too many and use 4. I got the goat from a huge chest last year, but I am not into goats.

    And even when I finally get the mount I will keep digging. Like I said, the little boy's thing: Treasure hunting :)

    1. Whaha, large cave-claw pets... don't give the developers ideas! You never know, they might be reading this! (Okay, not very likely, but...)

      I'd love that Rich! emote as well, but I haven't been lucky enough yet. Perhaps next year.

      I always imagine your character having a bed surrounded by treasures, haha. It's cool to hear you're enjoying the event so much. :)

    2. Well, you aren't that wrong :)


    3. Haha, that's perfect! I've never seen that before: is it a floor decoration? Or did you just photoshop that in? :P

      PS Sorry for the image not working; not your fault, the external Javascript I use stopped supporting images and YouTube videos. I noticed earlier but didn't get around to trying to find a fix.

    4. Ahhhh, that's why. Tried few times, thought I did something wrong.

      But, the coin floor. It's a Bingo reward (10 badges) Floor Surface hook, from Bert in Lhanuch.

    5. That's so cool! Thanks for linking that to me. I'll prod Conrad to start the Bingo quest line some day. He really needs this deco for his dorf themed house. :D

    6. Pity you aren't on Evernight, I would have bartered it for you.

    7. Aww, no worries, at least it keeps Conrad off the streets! :P

      (He is actually doing the Bingo questline right now after some prodding and greatly enjoying himself. :) )

  4. The only thing that I ever got from the buried treasure event was the cave claw mask, which is much more ugly than the jewellers helm. So you should count yourself lucky :P

    1. Oh yes, that one is very ugly as well. You poor thing. I don't know if I can even rank them. I guess the jeweller's helm might at least still look good on dorfs, whereas the cave claw mask would only look good on... well, cave claws!


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