Thursday, 3 April 2014

Sims 3: End of story

So how did it end with granny Vanessa and the two girls? Did granny go beserk after Delilah and Elaine had shown such little support when Death was at the door that she had to be saved by the cat? I fear I'll have to disappoint my readers a bit in this regard.

First Vanessa thought it was time to retire. This apparently had to be celebrated with signs of agitated gorillas (if this is some unique American tradition, please fill me in).

Then granny did go beserk... in the kitchen. She bought an interesting device called "replicator" which was able to duplicate every five star meal right out of the fridge. In combination with the special nothing-ever-goes-sour-fridge (I think it was a reward for becoming a five star cook), this meant that she could supply Delilah and Elaine with endless five star meals without anyone having to cook ever.

The fridge needed to be filled, though, so she went to the shops to buy all recipes she could find and tried to make a perfect version of them for in the fridge.

It was too late, though. That day, Delilah turned 18. She gave a fabulous beach-party-without-beach and everyone seemed to have lots of fun. I couldn't help but feel a bit sad, because Vanessa was still around.

Vanessa spent a lot of time with the girls after her retirement, getting to know them a little better. They went to some super hot party with the four of them (the cat also joined but somehow got lost in the underground halfway), which they thought was awesome because granny as a celebrity could get them into all the VIP zones. They also went on a tour through town to get group pictures made everywhere.

Then, one day after Delilah's party, Vanessa died. Very appropriately too, in the kitchen after finishing her last recipe: a perfect tofu turkey.

This time, Delilah and Elaine were horrified. They put their plates on the floor as some kind of protest.

They clearly didn't know what to do. Granny did, though.

It was time to go.

Gently, she shook Death's hand and disappeared.

Everyone was sad, including me. My challenge had failed. And maybe, just maybe I was a little bit sad too because Vanessa was a pretty amazing virtual person.

But hey, life isn't so grim. In the end, everyone has to go and Elaine and Delilah at least have enough superb food for the rest of their lives. But first they buried granny and held a super sad ceremony.

And now? My times with the Sims is over for now, but who knows when I might return someday. Maybe with a family of bloggers, who knows? Either way, time to say goodbye to the McKay family for now.


  1. The signs aren't some american tradition (unless I am wrong, then someone corrects me!). They look to be a protest. Although I don't know if it is possible for sims to protest if you don't have the University Life expansion. In either case, I wonder why they were even protesting?

    The never-goes-sour-fridge is definitely a reward from reaching the top of the culinary career.

    And poor granny! At least she lived a full live, spent her last days (day? hours?) with her granddaughters and passed away doing something she loved: cooking.

    Out of curiosity though, what was your challenge? See if teenage sims could live without an adult in the house? Is that why you lost your challenge since both girls became young adults before granny died?

    A househould of bloggers sounds like an interesting concept. Although I wonder if it is even possible to get a constant stream of money to pay for all the house expenses.

    1. Yeah, the challenge was to let the teenage Sims grow up as orphans in their own house. But apparently granny had let such a healthy life that she kept living all the time... and then she got saved even, by the cat!

      I meant a househould of Sims with names of bloggers, but a household consisting of Sims that are full time bloggers... oh dear. I do sort of dislike the blogging within the Sims: it costs so much time and I have the feeling it doesn't really matter what you write about. I also have the feeling I don't really know how everything surrounding the blogs works yet, so maybe I'm missing a couple of things here...

      I sort of like the idea, though. A house of bloggers will be pretty challenging... who will starve of hunger first and those sort of things. :P

      Not sure if the Sims bring the best out of me... :$

    2. Ah, a household of sims with the names of bloggers would be cool, indeed. I also don't like the blogging within the sims either. It just feels kinda pointless. What you write doesn't matter either and I don't understand it completely but I don't think making a living of it might be possible or that easy. At least I haven't figured out the donation process yet and I haven't sold any blog yet to see how many simoleons it gives.

      And if it makes you feel better, you are still not that bad. I heard about people who are the nicest people you could meet but who got a kick in trying to get their sims killed within the rules of the game. Myself, I just have a terrible mind with any game. At least after the first playthrough. I just like to poke the game and see how it reacts. :)

  2. Aws I loved your story <3
    Sad to see it end like this! But love the fact the cat is missing her just as much as the rest of the family! Haha :)
    And hope you will be back with Sims 4 this autumn! :D

    1. Glad to hear you liked it! I'm a bit out of money all the time and out of time too (too busy with studying), so I don't know if I'll get Sims 4 this autumn. But if I don't, I can at least follow what's going on on your blog! :)


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