Friday, 23 January 2015

Now where's that wookiee rug?!

We had been stuck on Torque HM (in the Ravagers raid) for several weeks. Not stuck as in the annoying "we don't know how to continue from here" fashion, but in the (maybe just as annoying) "we almost killed it, gah, just one more try" manner.

Eventually it turned out to be a case of subtle timing of when to bring down which adds en when to start tunneling the boss. I think it did help a bit that they fixed the bug so the repair bot didn't go about fixing people instead of the machine. And having a little bit of luck now and then doesn't hurt either. 

We killed Torque for the first time last week. But all those evenings before that (in which we were getting very close every time) we started fantasizing about what fantastic loot he should drop. In our growing hatred for the boss killing us over and over, our favourite subject of hope became a wookiee rug.

Sorry, Bowdaar

Yesterday we killed Torque hardmode again, giving us conformation we now had him 'on farm'. But before that, he couldn't resist trolling us a bit.

Argh, just 7% more!

3%! Grrr...

0%. Sweet revenge, yay! (Who needs tanks anyway.)

Of course, after that we had to corpse jump him a bit following good old LotRO tradition.* But alas, he did not drop our beloved wookiee rug. Missed chance, Bioware!

Oh, beloved wookiee rug, where art thou?

* I was under the impression corpse jumping was a gaming thing in general, but found out it's unknown in Star Wars yesterday. Basically, in LotRO, players would jump on the corpses of players of the other faction they had defeated to mock them. PvP only existed in the Ettenmoors (open world PvP on a large map) and if you got killed you'd often have to run a long way back from the spawn point. Corpse jumping was considered disrespectful and people would go to the forum all raging about how they were corpse jumped.


  1. I love that Wookiee rug image (though I'm not sure I'd want one myself...). And grats on the kill! We're still on Bulo/Sword Squadron ourselves.

    I like to jump on people's corpses if they don't run back after a wipe, but I like to say that it's just an attempt at resuscitation.

    1. Believe me, once you're done with Bulo and continue to Torque, you'll be wanting that wookie rug soon enough! ;)

      And that's a brilliant excuse, uh I mean reason, to corpse jump. Thanks!


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