Friday, 30 January 2015

Get your walker before it's too late

To all slot machine addicts spending hours on the machine for a mythical walker:

It is not too late! You can still avoid your wife running away and eating pizzas for the rest of your life. And you can be cool and follow the latest walker fashion at the same time!

You can buy a walker from the reputation vendor on Yavin for 100,000 credits. In case you've by now lost touch with reality the value of credits (totally understandable, of course), I'll calculate for you that a walker is worth (100,000 / 750 =) 133 1/3 slot machine chips, which equals the money spent by (assuming an estimate of 5 seconds to use one chip, 133 1/3 x 5 = 666 2/3; 666 2/3 / 60 =) over 11 minutes of non-stop clicking the slot machine.

You might wonder what the catch is. Well, you do need to have Legend standing with the coalition forces of Yavin in order to buy one. But think about all the credits that you would earn (instead of lose on the machine) by doing the dailies to get there. Before you know it you'll be remembering how to use your keyboard again, parading around the fleet like my level 16 sniper Ravalinde below.


  1. Good point! I'm disappointed with the severity of the nerf for the slot machines but the walker mount is pretty nice. Guess it's time to grind out dailies on Yavin.

    1. Rish rep is easier, but I didn't think Yavin was too bad. Then again, I don't know how much rep you still need. Good luck with the grind!

    2. I wish they would up or drop the rep caps though. I went thru the weekly to get my healer new gear, and maxed out in a matter of minutes on rep cap. So now I have to wait another week to max it out.

    3. I agree, that's annoying. :/ I'm a bit happy with the reputation cap too, though, because otherwise I might feel obliged to grind it all in one go, which would probably leave me being burned out with the game.


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