Friday, 6 March 2015

SWTOR characters I would name my children after

I've recently joined the Google+ Female Geek Bloggers community, a group of female bloggers with a weekly challenge called 5 Fandom Friday. The last one was "Characters I'd Name My Kids After". This is one I could relate to. So here are five SWTOR characters I could imagine calling my kids after. If you put a gun to my head. Seriously!

1) Vette

Sith warrior companion

I love Vette. Her witty comments on everything are just so funny and at the same time she's super cute. Even my pure darkside warrior Waseme couldn't resist taking off her shock collar, if only to hear her chat on.

And oh yeah, I added a number in front of each character name, just in case you forget where we are while dozing off daydreaming about your future children. It happens to the best of us.

2) Malevai

Sith warrior companion

Sinister Malevai, the Snape of Star Wars (this probably doesn't make sense, but it makes sense to me, okay?). Some people love him, some people hate him. I belong to the first group. I'm not really sure it's a good thing, though. I love how he doesn't know how to react to my advances. ...I guess I like awkward men?

3) Elara

Trooper companion

I really like the sound of "Elara": it sounds quite natural, so I don't think my imaginary daughter would be bullied because of it. Elara as a companion is lovely as well. Her story revolves around her following her heart and defecting from the Empire. Her superiors in the Republic army don't trust her loyalty to the Republic, and she is continuously harassed because of it. But she stands by her ideals and never gives up. Go Elara!

4) Satele


Satele is sort of the Bastila of Star Wars: The Old Republic, which isn't all that strange as she decends from her. As strong female characters go, she is perfect: a jedi master on the jedi council, and, oh, casually super good-looking as well. Here's a grumpy-looking picture as revenge. I also stole her super sexy double-bladed lightsaber for my shadow. I like the sound of her name: special, but not extremely odd.

5) Corso

Smuggler companion

One of my favourite things to do in SWTOR is bullying Corso (hey, it's only virtual!). For instance by flirting with other guys while he's obviously romantically interested in me. I'm sorry, Corso, but you should stop making such funny comments if you want me to stop! Oh Corso, the ultimate pushover. He was the only companion that didn't mind going a bit more intimate for his portrait. Okay, I admit, I ripped his shirt off before the shot, but he didn't complain!

I called my horse in the Sims 3 Corso. It's a good name, but for a boy... I don't know. Maybe it's safer to keep this one reserved to pets.

So many companions

Seriously, Rav, so many of these are companions. Is this your fetish or something?

I deny everything! I guess it is because most of them don't have very common names, but they don't (all) sound too strange. There are especially a lot of suitable female ones: Risha, Ashara, Lana, Nadia... Aric is another good one for boys, or Blizz ...but only if you think your boy is going to be a famous rapper. Most NPCs and other characters in the game have either more common English names or are only known by their surname.

Do you have a favourite?

PS The top picture is by Bioware and not by me, in case you hadn't figured that one out. I'm good, but I'm not that good. Also, I guess all pictures are by Bioware in the end if you look at it seriously, but let's not go there.


  1. "I love how he doesn't know how to react on your advances. ...I guess I like awkward men?"

    I interpreted this as textbook sexual harassment from a superior. Quinn wants to say no, but is afraid of giving offense and getting killed by an affronted Sith. Rather edgy for Bioware, but maybe appropriate for the Dark Side Sith and their fixation on power?

    I posted more about it here: Sith Warrior Done!

    1. I read that thread, but carefully so, because I'm not that far yet with the warrior story and I didn't want to read any spoilers (my marauder is evil and I'm having some trouble playing evil so I'm taking my time). Now you've said it, one could totally interpret the Quinn relationship like that, too, and that makes me feel horrible! It certainly feels like that if you pursue a relationship with an evil sith warrior. I guess it would make sense then to go for it on my evil marauder, but she's more into Pierce. I was planning to go for Malevai with my light side juggernaut. I think I'll just stick to my doesn't-know-how-to-react version and do that. I deny everything! ;)

      Talking about weird ("wrong") relationships in SWTOR: I've always thought the male jedi knight romance with Kira is just plain wrong. I mean, it's your *padawan*. I could never do that and feel okay about it. (Okay, it's not relevant as I don't play a male jedi knight, but still.)

    2. I decided to go for Vette on my DS Juggernaut and will probably do the same for Jaesa on a DS Marauder, but unlike you I don't think I could ever make a character go LS the whole way through. I would feel like such a goodie-goodie. I haven't rolled any republic characters yet, but I am sure that I would have to make them all DS when given the option.

    3. I don't know about the male Jedi Knight, I played it with a female character. Kira, though, struck me not so much as a padawan-master relationship, but something closer to junior/senior student. I.e. You were nominally in charge of Kira, but it was just for that final bit of seasoning before she got promoted. You were both of the same generation, with the Knight just being slightly older. Playing as a female Knight, Kira came across as a younger sister.

      The Consular padawan is much closer to a traditional student-teacher relationship. I think the padawan is the male Consular romance though, which is a bit sketchy.

    4. You have a point there with Kira. She felt like a friend of my knight, or at least she felt more on an equal level than my sage and Nadia. Although she can also be a bit reckless and in that regard she feels like a student to me. At the end of the storyline she seems grown-up, though.

      It just dawned on me that consular, knight, warrior and inquisitor *all* get romanceable female padawans/acolytes (same thing). Where are the romanceable male padawans? Only creepy older men fall for younger students? That just seems wrong. Shame on you, Bioware!

    5. @Zerne: That's surprising to hear and kinda cool. I think you're in the minority there. I always have the impression that a lot of people like playing the good guy. I wrote this post about it at some point; the comments seem to support my theory. Of course, it could also mean I just need more evil-attuned people in my readership! ;)

      Also, I like how people in SWTOR can sometimes be super loyal to either the Empire or the Republic. :)

  2. That picture of Corso looks creepy somehow... like he's wearing a skinsuit.

    1. I noticed that too. It must be because I just took his shirt of before the conversation (his chest piece clashed with the background, honest!) instead of going all the way by giving him moddable Covert Energy armour.

  3. Elara does have quite a nice ring to it! You totally need a high five for taking this particular fandom five topic and giving it an awesome MMO twist. Great post! :)


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