Friday, 10 April 2015

Pipe dreams: SWTOR items I'd like to own for reals

Today's 5 Fandom Friday challenge was "five magical items you'd want to own".* Items from Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings were popular, but I wanted to stick to the Star Wars theme for this one. After all, the force is pretty much magic anyway (no, don't even think about those stupid midichlorians). So here I present to you: the five things from Star Wars that I'd love to have in my analog life.

1) Hoverchair

As I have trouble walking or standing still for more than 10 minutes, the only solution for me to survive long queues like in airports is the wheelchair. I hate having to use the wheelchair, but having a hoverchair, now that would be cool

2) Rocket boots or jetpack

I don't walk very fast either, so how relaxed would it be to speed things up a little with some rocket boots? Like rocketing to the bus when it threatens to drive away. Conrad disagrees and says that what I need is a jetpack. I don't have a jetpack in SWTOR, but you can admire Gamerlady's one here. When I replied it'd be annoying to have to walk around with a heavy rucksack all the time, he said I'd fall flat on my face with rocket boots. Apparently I need to watch Iron Man to understand that. To be continued.

3) Lightsaber

Maybe this one is a tiny bit obvious, but imagine what you could do with a lightsaber! Forgot your home key? No problem. Matches gone? Watch me. Do I feel like walking around all alone in the middle of the night? Bad news, mr rapist. I'd nearly hope to be mugged or assaulted so I could show off my mad lightsaber skillz.

4) Orbital kolto strike

You know that moment near the day that you're totally depleted of energy but you still need to do this, and that, and that...? Well, I experience several of those moments each day and I would pay anything to be able to just call upon that orbital kolto strike to feel all refreshed and energized again. Because kolto surely is a lot tastier (and fashionable) than, say, coffee.

5) Astromech droid

Remember how I couldn't game for over a week because the gaming computer didn't work anymore? My own astromech would fix that in minutes. No more Skype calls to Sweden and Hangouts video calls asking what this or that thing does while performing surgery on Conrad's computer in his absence. And I would totally use my mech as an alarm as well. I mean, who would still wake up grumpy to *bleep* *bleep* *whistle*?

Bonus: orokeet

The challenge is called "5 Fandom Friday", but let's pretend we cannot count, because of course I would love to have my orokeet follow me around to university. In the true fangirl spirit: BFFs forever!

What item(s) would you love to have for reals?

* 5 Fandom Friday is a weekly event organized by the Female Geek Bloggers group on Google+.


  1. Very interesting.

    I'd totally want a lightsaber too. Although I probably wouldn't use it for anything besides cutting bread or something like that. Heresy, I know, but I am not exactly the fighter type and if I had to defend myself from a mugger with it most likely I would get myself cut into tiny bits. :p

    An Astromech droid would be nice too. It is like your personal technician/mechanic! Maybe a butler too? Although I am not sure how useful they would be in that role. Hm.

    1. I've thought about a protocol droid, but I think I'd get annoyed by them quite quickly. And indeed, that's lightsaber heresy; bad Rakuno! Although cutting bread would still require quite some skill. I mean, how to only cut the bread and not the table beneath it. Scrubs chop off arms, the real masters cut bread. Is that what you were aiming at? ;-)

      I think if you're walking through the dark and you take out the lightsaber, those muggers would probably run like hell before you can even point it at them. I know I would.

    2. Hm. Yeah, protocol droids would get annoying pretty fast. I guess just having your personal technician/mechanic would be good enough. And I was thinking more of a french bread which are more popular where I live (and I find it tastier), which would be cut sideways. Then again that could also be pretty messy. Anyway, I was counting more on muscle memory just to not cut through the table. Probably would cost me a lot of tables before that though. Ah, well, it would still be pretty cool to have one even if it wasn't very practical.

      I guess you are right. Oh, and I guess lightsabers could double as a lantern too!

      And I forgot to say it in the previous comment. You should totally watch Iron Man if you didn't already. And Avengers too while you are at it. And Captain America. And Thor.

    3. Well, I'm sure your local carpenter would be grateful!

      And that's quite the challenge you made me there. I've suffered through the first half hour of Iron Man yesterday. I understand it's meant to be humorous and playful, but I can't stomach all the shooting and the violence. I remember now why I dislike action movies. I might still see the rest to find out how it ends, but I'm not really looking forward to having to watch them all. :/

    4. Yeah, it probably would make me his best client.

      Ack! Sorry, I didn't know you disliked action movies. I just meant to suggest it thinking you would like the movies, not as a challenge. :/

    5. I am not sure if cutting bread with a lightsaber is so handy. If you cut it your bread with it, it would become immediately toasted. So if you like toasted bread it would be nice I guess... (Clearly I am not really a fan of toasted bread). But yeah it would save the purchase of a toaster ;P.

  2. More orokeet! Jetpacks would be awesome but I would probably want a tauntaun....

    1. Ohhh, a tauntaun! I hear they smell, though. And it might not be all too happy living on my balcony. I couldn't do that to the poor thing.

      P.S. feel free to consider griffons to be orokeets for my SWTOR posts and vote for more. ;)

  3. *beep* *beep* *whistle*! I do not doubt for a moment that somewhere, somehow, you could find an R2-D2 alarm clock, or at least a ringtone to which to wake up.

    Digging the hoverchair (like Professor X!) and jetpack idea, too.

    1. Good to hear from you! I will have to look up an R2-D2 alarm now. I'll report back with my findings later. ^^

      I'm really missing out on things not watching Marvel things, it seems. Conrad tells me Professor X is performed by Patrick Stewart, one of my favourite actors, so I can live with that comparison. ^^

  4. I want an orokeet too! I've decided I'd be too much of a liability issue with a lightsaber myself. Haha

    1. So responsible! I bet you'd do better than the average dark lord. ^^


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